Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blind Support of War Crimes

Watching the news on Lebanon on Arabic and English media you would really think you are seeing two different wars. The variation on reporting is enormous with the truth well obscured from western viewers, the truth being that vast numbers of civilians have been killed, and vast areas of their cities, town and villages destroyed in one of the most blatant state uses of military force since the Balkans.

The difference this time is that the US supports the destruction of these civilian areas through it’s ally Israel. Let’s be honest, that is no surprise. What surprises me is that the Lebanese government actually thought that IT had an ally in the US! I guess they did until they managed to remove the Syrians from Lebanon but then they became a spent force, their usable life cycle was over and now they are on the receiving end of the US’s ONLY TRUE ally in the region. The US will have no hesitation whatsoever in turning it’s back on any ally to support Israel and that is what the Middle East and other nations, if not the whole world needs to wake up to!

The aim? New order, the submission of Arab states (already achieved), the reduction / total destruction of any key opponent to Israel (Iraq, Palestinians, Hizbullah etc) is already under way and despite the genocide nature of the Israeli campaign it meets with support in the US and total inaction elsewhere.

The consequences are obvious regardless of who ‘wins’. There will be increased support for resistance and militant groups in the region and the only ‘targets’ out there with the exception of a few Israeli interests in Jordan and Egypt will again be the US and it’s nationals. US citizens will again pay in blood (and more of their tax dollars) for their government’s blind support of Israel.


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