Monday, July 31, 2006

Rescue workers dig up 28 bodies in south Lebanon

As we all knew, Qana was just one of the MANY Israeli war crimes of the current conflict!

Reuters - TYRE, Lebanon - Rescuers recovered 28 bodies on Monday at the start of the gruesome task of digging up dozens of bodies from the rubble of south Lebanon during a 48-hour suspension of Israeli air attacks.

Lebanese Red Cross sources said 12 bodies were recovered in the village of Sreefa, nine in Zibqeen and four in Qleileh, all east of the port city of Tyre. Three other bodies were recovered in three other villages.

They said rescue workers were looking for dozens more bodies believed to be buried under the rubble in a cluster of border villages and towns bombarded by Israeli aircraft over the past three weeks.

Israel’s three-week offensive in Lebanon has killed around 578 people, mostly civilians.
Lebanese Health Minister Mohammad Khalifeh put the number of unrecovered bodies at 200, which would take the death toll to 750 in Lebanon. Fifty-one Israelis have also been killed.

Civil defence workers were using a bulldozer to clear rubble from where around 30 civilians were believed buried under houses destroyed in an Israeli air strike in Sreefa two weeks ago.


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