Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Censure Israel now!

It is time for the international community to fulfil its duty and prevent Israel being the exception to the rule of international norms and peaceful aspirations.

Under UN General Assembly resolution 377 of 1950 — the “Uniting for Peace” resolution — the General Assembly is empowered to act where the UN Security Council has failed. The UN General Assembly can and must, as an urgent measure and as a moral imperative, convene an immediate emergency session, condemn the State of Israel, and its partner in crime and arms supplier, the United States.

Israel must cease all military operations immediately and unconditionally.

The international community must also stand against US-Israeli plans for the post-aggression interjection of an international force in Lebanon. Any “stabilising” force should be stationed on the Israeli side of the Blue Line. Israel is the aggressor state and must be restrained. It is the sovereignty of Lebanon that must be guaranteed.

The Lebanese have the sovereign right to decide how to organise the defence of their territory and they stand in agreement on how to resist. Their right to resist is guaranteed by the UN Charter and customary international law.

The UN General Assembly should act to implement all UN resolutions regarding Palestine, Israel and Lebanon — including resolutions 194, 242 and 425 — and demand the immediate withdrawal of Israel from all occupied territories, along with just compensation for all human and material losses.

The Brussells Tribunal calls upon all organisations, institutions, parliaments, governments and individuals to ACT NOW and call for an extraordinary session of the UN General Assembly to condemn Israel’s aggression on Lebanon and its continuous war crimes. Inaction or silence is complicity.

The Brussells Tribunal Committee - 01 August 2006


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