Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is anyone else out there fed up of this same old "media is anti-Israeli" story?

The same old rubbish is being spouted from the media as usual... 'Oh Boo Hoo, the media is anti-Israeli' That's a little odd don't you think when some of the most hard line Zionists actually control whole swathes of the media. Or is this just another of their misleading sob stories designed to garner sympathy for the murdering Zionist regime in Israel? Well that does make more sense!

It seems the 'Boo Hoo Crew' (Israeli Lobby) will go to any length to make themselves look like the eternal victim. What a joke that is!

Where does the rapist gain sympathy because the victim fought back? Where does the murderer get support just because his victim gave him a bloody nose?

Isreal has a very bloody history and those with the capacity to look beyond the last few weeks and two UN Resolutions will see far more of the terror policy that Israel has built itself upon.

But the Zionists have done a good job in making anything remotely negative about Israel taboo calling upon the holocaust as an excuse for their policies of genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced displacement.

Israel deserves criticism as do their blind and dumb supporters who are pouring money into this terror state despite their PROVEN track record in killing civilians just as the US now calls anyone criticising their policies a traitor or unpatriotic. What a bloody joke that is.

Both have leadership that cannot accept criticism. Both have leaders that dictate just as the worst of dictators in history have. Both follow an isolationist policy heedless of international diplomacy and law.

Both are pariah states. The media is too weak to say so! It's a pity we don't see headlines like those in 'The News' above.


Anonymous Alex said...

Fantastic! I would more people would write like this. I am so tired of this anti-Israeli and anti-semitism bullshit that these people cling to as if their lives depended on it!

And that is just the point! Without playing the victim that stupid criminal country could not exist!

24 August, 2006 20:10  

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