Thursday, August 03, 2006

A media perception of Hizbullah statements...

This is a sad view from western media once again.

Anyone who has the slightest amount of knoweldge of the operations of Hizbullah know that the statements they present are confirmed to the most minute detail before issuing. This is not 'spin', that old western political word used to cover up a pack of stinking lies, but are the facts. At any time when they do make an error they correct themselves in the next statement unlike our western (and ISraeli) leaders who trump it with more lies and point fingers at some one else....

This is part of where their support comes from! If you could really 100% trust your politicians and leaders think of how much you would then support them!

A recent poll in Israel asked Israelis whose word they trusted the most; Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah or their government. Well to those that have a clue about the region the result was obvious! Nasrallah came out of top... seems he still is!!!


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