Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The 'State within a State': Hizbullah

Those that can access media from the Arab World should keep a close watch on the actions of Hizbullah over the coming months as they move swiftly to redevelop areas bombed by Israel and provide support to the affected population.

It is without doubt that they were perform to their word! They have already started the clear up process and announced financial compensation to the affected allowing them to rent accommodation for one year until the rebuild can be done. The plan to redevelop southern Beirut is complete, ready to be initiated.

Fo those that criticise this "state within a state", as they so stupidly refer to it, there will be much to learn. I have no doubt that Hizbullah will make the US effort following Hurricane Katrina look ever more like the total failure that has been, and still is.

They will continue to provide health care across the country, something the US can't even do for it's own people. They will reconstitute schools and make sure education continues despite the problems being faced becuase they are true to their word, true to their people.

True to their word and true to their people, that's why western politicians can't deal with them! They simply don't know how to!

Read More (and if in the west you don't feel embarrassed by the efforts of your government at times of crises compared to the work being done now by Hizbulah for the people in Lebanon you should probably open your eyes and read it again): Link


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