Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dear Lebanon, please sit quietly while we kill you: UN.

Can you beleive that anyone would ask the army of a soverign nation to sit back while their country is being bombed, civilians killed in large numbers and their infrastructure destroyed!

Have a read of the latest in the series of unbelievable warnings to Lebanon:

UN special representative for the implementation of resolution 1559 Terjie Roed-Larsen on Friday warned the Lebanese government not to enter the conflict against the Israeli troops in south Lebanon."If indeed the Lebanese army is suspected of starting fighting the Israeli forces, that would represent a very dangerous escalation of the conflict. We urge the Lebanese government to think twice" before doing it, otherwise it "will be in jeopardy," Larsen told a press conference.Prime Minister Fuad Seniora "is under great pressure and if the situation continues and escalates, the government will collapse. This would be a tragedy for Lebanon," he warned."It is incredibly urgent now to establish political ramification that would lead to a ceasefire as a basis for producing new political parameters in Lebanon which can sustain the ceasefire," Larsen said, adding that "we cannot rule out that this conflict may deepen." On the UN political deal and the American one to be carried by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the region later this week, Larsen said "we see eye to eye on the basis elements of any action plan," adding that It is too early to go into the details. On the suggested peacekeeping force, he said, "it is too early to say how it would look like, but everybody agrees that UNIFIL needs to be fundamentally re-organized, re-configured if it is going to continue," adding that all other options remain on the table," A UN official said Larsen, along with the other members of the team which visited the region last week, negotiated with Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, through a mediator while in Beirut.


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