Monday, August 07, 2006

Admitting to War Crimes in Advance

Israel to hit wider range of Lebanon targets: report

The Israeli army plans to attack strategic infrastructure targets and symbols of the Lebanese government after Hezbollah rockets killed 15 people in northern Israel, an Israeli newspaper reported on Monday.

“We are now in a process of renewed escalation. We will continue hitting everything that moves in Hezbollah -- but we will also hit strategic civilian infrastructure,” a senior General Staff officer told the Haaretz newspaper.

It did not offer any examples of what symbols of the Lebanese goverment might include.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defence Minister Amir Peretz plan to meet senior defence officials on Monday morning to discuss their options.

Israeli air strikes have already caused extensive damage to Lebanon’s infrastructure, including roads and bridges that Israel says Hezbollah uses to transport rockets.

Hezbollah rockets killed 15 people in northern Israel on Sunday, including 12 army reservists called up for duty, Israel’s highest death toll in a single day since the start of the Lebanon war.


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