Friday, August 04, 2006

Blair postpones holiday to work on Lebanon ceasefire

Hey Yo Blair.... sorry you had to cancel your holiday, after all it is only other people's children dying out here. We'll try to not be dying in such large numbers thenext time to decide to take a break.

I hope you never see the day one of your children dies like this in front of you and no one does anything to help you. You gutless idoit! Never have I been so utterluy ashamed of being a British citizen.

You are not a leader, you never will be! You are merely at tool at someone else's disposal making decisions based solely on your own interests, that is not what a leader does.

I would call you a clown but you are not in the least bit funny. I would call you an animal but I have too much respect for nature to degrade it like that.

You are nothing but a gutless idiot who is being played along by 'big brother'. You are a disgrace to the British people everywhere.


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