Saturday, August 19, 2006

All the more reason to maintain Hizbullah's arms

Israel have again shown it is in no way headful of UN Security Resolutions but, hypocritically (along with Big Bro US) calls for Lebanon and Hizbullah to adhere to a resolution calling for Hizbullah to disarm.

Why should they disarm? They are a national resistance movement. Anyone, anyone show me one act of terror from Hizbullah in the last decade, please, show me!

Yes they have attacked Israeli cities, only in response to Israeli attacks, yes they attacked Israeli troops, those are occupation troops and a legal target for resistance under international law.

So come on all you wise guys out there, justify this for me! Well, at least try to but please don't let us hear the usual round of state dept blurb that regularly spouts from the bathrooms of Washington!

Now we see Israel break the ceasefire with operations deep inside Lebanon, completely outside the latest UN Resolution, attacking Lebanon. So tell me, why should Hizbullah disarm?


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