Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hezbollah says it foiled Israeli commando raid in Lebanon

Israel once again prove that they are nothing but trouble makers in the Arab World carrying out offensive operations and strikes in the east if Lebanon despite a ceasefire agreed last week....

(you will note we don't use the term Middle East here because that is an incorrect although widely used term used to eliminate any sense of Arab identity from the region and allow Israel to think it is part of the region)
  1. Few reports are coming out on this one but can imagine the uproar internationally if this was a Hizbullah raid! The trouble is that we are ruled by hypocrites, controlled by selective media and fed bullshit on a regular basis to pacify our own resistance.....

So what do we conclude from this latest aggresion?

  • Olmert and his ragged army are looking to regain some credibility, but again has failed!
  • The war is not over.
  • Israel do not want the war to be over.
  • Israel is the main instigator of violence in the region.
  • Israel has proven, once again, that it has no respect for the UN or UN Security Council (UNSC), despite relying heavily in the UNSC for it's very survival and not being branded as a terror state (although it should be!!).

Report - Hezbollah said its guerrillas clashed with an Israeli commando force early Saturday that landed near their stronghold of Baalbek deep inside Lebanon.

Lebanese security officials could not confirm a report on Hezbollah TV that Israeli commandos were dropped off by helicopter at a field west of Baalbek or whether there were any airstrikes.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to release information to reporters, reported heavy Israeli overflights.

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