Friday, August 04, 2006

They went to war with a shopping list

Yo Olmert... where is your strategy? where is your planning? is it true yoy are making this up day-by-day like most people now think?

Looks like you went to war with a shopping list.

An airport (or two)

What happens when you run out of things on your list?

old men
old women
kids (as many as you can get)

And what next?

You have no plan you clown and we can all see that very clearly!!!

Oh well let's not forget that you did manage to attack an empty hospital in Baalbek, what a hero! Well done. Like Syed Nasrallah said... you could not face the well and strong troops on the borders so you went to Baalbek to try to fight some sick ones..... what a brave boy!


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