Sunday, August 13, 2006

Forgotten Palestine?

[In case you thought that the barbarity of the Israeli's was limited to Lebanon we should remnd you of what is happening away from the media in the Palestinian Territories]
Israel launches 190 air raids on Gaza in 44 days: report
Israel had carried out 190 airstrikes and fired 3,500 artillery shells on the Gaza Strip within the last 44 days, according to a Palestinian official report published on Saturday. The report, issued by Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) department of Statistical Quality Control, detailed all Israeli army attacks on the Gaza Strip over the last 44 days.

"Israel carried out 768 different kinds of attacks on the Gaza Strip during the period between June 28 and August 10," said the PLO report.
"According to medics in Gaza hospitals, 200 Palestinians, including 40 children, were killed and 600 others were injured during the Israeli offensives dubbed "Summer Rains". "
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