Thursday, August 17, 2006

When will they ever change?

It seems Lebanese unity has once again been forgetten by the politicians. Last week they were full of praise for Hizbullah, seems now they can do nothing but queue up at press conferences to criticise them.

What's up? You can't claim any of the glory so you want a new fight or are these your latest orders from Washington and Tel Aviv? To those outside it certainly looks that way!

You politicians, have some respect for yourselves. You are in power to REPRESENT THE PEOPLE so do that! You all seem power hungry, remnants of the last civil war, but why divide your country again just for your own gain, ego and ambition?

Is it really worth it? Does it work? No!

Oh yes, you were all united to remove Syria but look at you all fighting the each other the very next day! Why? Self interest, that's why!

You have done nothing for your country, you brought in allies that allowed your country to be bombed for 34 days, your 'unity' is only as deep as your wallets.

Isn't it time you all grew up and actually led your people as you should? Isn't it time you worked for unity instead of your childish ways of twisting words and truth. The same old goats still seem to sow the same old seeds of internal hatred just to gain power. When will they ever change?

Take a lesson from Hizbullah. Speak the truth, be straight and you will gain respect, stay are you are and remain the joke that you are internationally!

To the Prime Minister we say, get a grip of them all from all sides. They are degrading your power and the respect you gained throughout this conflict. You hands may have been tied in some ways but you still acted as a statesman (politician) from beginning to end.


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