Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kuwaiti actress quits UN over Israeli aggression

KUWAIT: Renowned Kuwaiti actress Suad Abdallah resigned her post as Unicef's Good Will Ambassador in protest against the "Zionist aggression against Lebanon," she told reporters. She said she "rejected the lack of a positive role by the United Nations in the issue," reported Al-Watan. Abdallah refused a request by the United Nations Children's Fund to delay her request. "I am ready to work under any umbrella other that the United Nations.

[Comment]: Her action may seem insignificant to many but the actions of individuals have always made history mre thanthe actions of political states. Look into history and it is the 'individual' you always see as being the 'one' to change history, not militaries or the lying politicians behind them. Some day we will all be asked what we did during these times, what will your answer be?


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