Friday, August 25, 2006

Lebanese Politics

With the battle not even over, commando raids in the east of Lebanon, skirmishes around border towns almost daily and the past six years of Israeli airforce incursions over all of Lebanon still a reality many Lebanese politicians who were not seen during the conflict have re-emerged bragging and criticising as they always have.

Where is their unity now?

They now sit back in their villas, most likley built with Lebanese government money, spouting all forms of catch phrases and policy statements. They criticise Hizbullah for the war, a war that would have come anyway. Without Hizbullah where would Lebanon be?

Still under Israeli occupation that is where it would be!

And they forget that Syria bailed out Lebanon during the civil war. They forget that Syria immediately opened it's borders to Lebanon to allow the people a safe haven. What did they do for their own people?

Look at them now. Just as their 'unity' fell apart when the Syrian's left they are again looking for their own personal gain. Some have asked why Hizbullah doesn't give the money to the government to rebuild Lebanon. What a stupid question!

If the money was handed over how much would actually get to the people that need it? 10%? 15%? And how much richer would those in influential positions become? Hizbullah give the money to the people 100%.

That is the reality of Lebanese politics. That is the reality of Hizbullah and that is why they cannot be beaten.

Look at Jumblatt, Hariri (who does not deserve to follow his father), and the rest of them. Playing their 'Lebanese' tune. What a joke.

Jumblatt talks to amuse the crowd of the moment. His 'policy' is one of deceit. He says what he thinks the people he is talking to want to hear and nothing more and in the end what does he achieve? Nothing.

Hariri, the leader of the parliamentary majority. Who is this guy? His father was a statesman of the highest order and respected for it. This guy is a little boy who's recent statements seem like nothing more than the sort of drunken cursing you might find in a Lebanese nightclub. Maybe that is where he actually belongs.

Now they are all out there, queing up for their moment in the press, ready to try to discredit the people who defended them. Embarassed by the success of Hizbullah and their immediate efforts in the recovery and rebuilding they are desperately trying to make some political gain from the blood and sweat of others. Shame on you all! Where were you when the fighting was raging, your towns burning and people dying?

Ah yes... you were in Europe talking to the governments there. And what success you had? None. You are as feable in your politics as you are in your defence of the nation.

The nation, the only difference between Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories in Hizbullah. They have saved Lebanon from an enemy that Lebanon knows well. An enemy that will crush the nation into oblivion without a moments hesitation when Hizbullah is gone.

What a thought that is. Lebanese with paper travel documents, no passports, no rights, no life, no economy, no future.

Lebanese politics. What a joke!


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