Wednesday, August 16, 2006

OH NO, not more 'anti semitism'

Never do they let an opportunity to play the 'victim' pass them by! Seems that anything remotely negative about Israel nowadays is anti-semetic! How sad. When will these people ever grow up?

If they weren't a bunch of murdering immoral cowards afraid of confronting their own inadequacies (that they cover up with through their own brutal behaviour and rantings anti-semitism) no one would complain about them... but will they? Never.

Some day, probably a day quite soon, the story of the 'Boy who cried Wolf' may just come true for Israel....

"The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, an anti-Semitism awareness group, on Wednesday slammed Sweden's plans to host an international aid conference for Lebanon as "discriminatory", saying the meeting should also address the needs of Israeli victims of the conflict.
The conference has been called to coordinate humanitarian assistance and immediate reconstruction of war-torn Lebanon, and will be organised in collaboration with the Lebanese government and the United Nations, according to the Swedish foreign ministry."

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