Sunday, July 23, 2006

Messages from the war

The true messages from this war are obvious to anyone with the selp-respect to look for the truth and not rely on those that lie to them consistently (leaders & media):

To the Lebanese: you have no ally in the US but have again been used by the US to tame an enemy of Israel (Hizbullah). They are willing to leave these Israelis to kill you but will still demand reform from you, you have been used! Look at them urgenntly resupply the very same bombs that are dropping on your heads and at the same time call for the unity of your government. Who do you really think they support!!

Hizbullah: The US and Israel seek to replace your influence in the south through international force, implanting their ideals and Israeli spies (as they have in Iraq & Afghanistan) so as to weaken you. Don't let them! You are the last ounce of strength in the Arab world. They fear you more than the rest of the region put together and no of no way to deal with other than terrorising civilians and killing as they have the Palestinians.

Arabs: You are meaningless to the western world and will be used, abused and humiliated at will by the US and Israel.

Israel: Do what you want, when you want, to who you want. Kill as many as you like, destory as much as you feel you can. The US will always support you. And don't worry, the US will fund you, arm you and encourage you and when the region reacts and militants take revenge it will be US nationals who pay the price. Risk to you is therefore - Nil!


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