Sunday, August 13, 2006

Final Countdown? I Doubt It!

As everyone in the media focuses on the UN and apparent ceasefire agreement we have to ask why Israel fires over 30 missiles at a purely residential district of Beirut this morning?

Are the mad dogs of Israel just looking for more blood? It seems so.

Are the mad dogs of Israel realising they have lost it all? It seems so.

Are the mad dogs of Israel banking on civilian blood to claim some sort of twisted win? It seems so.

These people do not want peace, these people cannot live in peace and they know full well that Israel cannot exist in peace.

Here's the outlook. Israel will stay in Lebanon and claim to be fired at and attacked by Hizbullah, again the occupier claiming to be the victim. They will use this pathetic excuse to attack Lebanon as they already know they can't touch Hizbullah.

The US will without doubt back their ridiculous claims and condemn Lebanon as apparently only Israel has the right to act 'in self-defence'.

So is this the end to the conflict? Only in the minds of fools!

The resolution does nothing for Lebanon, it's sits there supporting all of the above and will be used as justification for the future slaughter of Lebanese civilains.

But not to worry. What goes around, come around. And yes, there is a message in that!


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