Saturday, August 12, 2006

Israel ‘reserves re-entry right’

"Israel will reserve the right to re-enter southern Lebanon if a proposed UN force is unable to stop Hezbollah fighters from returning to the border and resuming rocket attacks, a top military official said yesterday."

So what does this mean?

Going through the historical track record of the Israeli's this basically means that they will use any excuse, even invent an excuse to attack Lebanon whenever they feel like it. In the six years that that had apparently withdrawn from Lebanon they remained in occupation of the Sheba Farms area, their were almost daily Israeli airforce incursions over ALL of Lebanon including mock bombing runs over major cities that drew anti-aircraft fire.

This self-defence in Lebanon was then used as an excuse for Israel to go whining to Papa (US) and cry about being fired at!

So what are we likely to see now?

Well under pressure of the new UN Resultion (not that Israel ever take heed of those - link) and growing dissent inside Israel they are likley go mad bombing anything and everything they can before they are told to stop, whenever that is!

The proof is their 'withdrawal' from Lebanon in 200 and all the incidents that have occured there since. Their withdrawal from Gaza and the violence that follows as they oppress the population and carry out their military operations against civilian areas. These of course result in action from HAMAS, Islamic Jihad and the rest which ISrael then go crying about.

This is a country that will never grow up. It can't exist without conflict due to the Zionist control over it. This is not a Jewish State, it's a country full of Jews under the control of the Zionists. The Jews have been exploited by the very people they regard as leaders.

The expansionist plans of the Zionists coupled with the rabid rantings and support from the Israeli lobby in the US (the same that actually spy on the US!) and the neo-cons in the US administrations will never see, nor will they genuinely seek peace in the region. The US public themselves have been exploited by the very people they regard as leaders.

The two countries, and now the UK, install fear in their people in order to maintain control. Look at the previous elections! Little discussion on politics and policy, much discussion of threats, war, terrorism, survival.

Ruling through fear is easy, it's called Dictatorship, ruling through RESPECT takes more effort.


Blogger Editor said...

A number of posts to this story have been deleted due to the language used. Profanity and rantings will not be accepted in any form, pro or anti-Israel.

And for those questioning the legitimacy of the reports of Israeli airforce incursions over Lebanon from 2000 - 2006 I suggest you read UN reports, get witness accounts (of which I am a witness).

Also ask yourselfs why Israel repeatedly complained to the UN about aircraft being fired upon over Lebanon if, as some of you suggest, there were in fact no airforce incursions.....

12 August, 2006 14:33  
Blogger Oren D said...

For one "fights for democracy", you apply an awful lot of censorship, don't you think? since when does stating your mistake count as profanity?

12 August, 2006 14:54  
Blogger Editor said...

This is not a fight for democracy as you, and so many US neo-cons would suggest.

This is an issue about people. The people who are dying, oppressed or displaced through whatever political or military aspirations another nation state may have.

It is about living. It is about rights. It is not about democracy or the 'freedom' we in the west think we have.

It has been distorted by the politican echelons into something of a fear factor to maintain control.

However, human nature being what it is, this is an flawed policy that at some stage will backfire.

But at what price? Is human life so cheap that we let politicians play with it on a daily basis?

Is your life worth it?

12 August, 2006 15:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oran, As someone living in Israel I would suggest that if you were to discuss censorship with anyone you should look to you own government first:

12 August, 2006 15:09  

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