Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lebanese Troop Deployments

Israel asked for Lebanese troops to deploy to the borders to control the area and remove Hizbullah. The UN agrees, Lebanon then agreed, Hizbullah agreed.... and now.... Israel rejects the statement from Lebanon to send their troops to the border.

Hizbullah said they will stop striking civilian areas if Israel stops bombing Lebanese civilain areas, they want to confornt Israel "face to face". Israel increased attacks on civilian targets.

Hizbullah said they will strike Tel Aviv if Israel strike deeper inside Beirut, Israel today is warning civilaisn to evacuate from southern araeas including one of the most crowded Palestinian refugee camps (what threat do these people pose to Israel? None!)

So exactly who is that is placing barriers in this problem?

You work it out!

AFX Europe (Focus)Published: Aug 09, 2006BEIRUT (AFX) -
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has backed the government's decision to deploy the Lebanese army to the south as a way to help change a United Nation resolution seeking to halt the fighting in Lebanon."The government has announced the decision to deploy 15,000 soldiers in the south. This will help Lebanon and its friends in adapting the UN draft resolution to pave the way ... to stop the aggression," the Shiite militant chief said in a televised address. Source: AFX


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