Friday, August 11, 2006

Israeli warplanes bomb southern Beirut

Simple fact of this conflict is that not since World War II has any state except Isreal (and the US) caused such deliberate civilian suffering and destruction without being held to account in International Courts.

Iraq: Saddam is on trial - along with those that supported him!
Yogoslavia: Maolosovich is on trial - along with those that supported him!

Israel - we we all know that the track record of war criminals that they have had a leaders will not be disrupted by anything so futile as an International Court. And those that support them - Bush & Fluffy the Poodle (Blair), seeing them in (an effective) court is probably just as unlikley, unfortunately!

If Hizbullah caused the same destruction to Tel Aviv as Israel has to Beirut, the complete disabling if the infrastructure of Israel and the Israelis have to all of Lebanon, what do you think Israel and the puppet masters in the west would be saying?



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