Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It Ain't Over

What didn't happen:

1- Israel did not win the war that it launched against Lebanon and Hezbollah;

2- The Lebanese did not fall into Israel' s trap, and therefore did not turn against Hezbollah as a result of Israel's massive bombardment of Lebanon's infrastructure and mass killing of its civilian population;

3- Hezbollah did not lose the war that Israel launched against it and Lebanon, nor was its fighting capability daunted or significantly reduced by a full month of massive Israeli aerial bombardment; indeed, Hezbollah continued to launch missiles from within the very areas that Israel said it had occupied, cleaned-up, or mopped-up; did so from behind Israel's advanced lines; attacked Israeli forces from behind; and forced Tsahal to beat a retreat from a town that the Israeli army had tried to occupy.

What did happen: .............

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