Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lebanese Politics (2)

I hate to say "I told you so"...... but is seems I was right about the 'new' Hariri and his band of followers, they don't deserve to have followed the name of Rafik Hariri and they do not display one single ounce of the qualities that he had!

(Report) Lebanon's Daily Star reported that an Al-Akhbar report spoke "claims that Premier Fouad Siniora and his allies from the party established by the late-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri had been trying to sideline (chairman of the Council for Development and Reconstruction) chairman Fadl Shalak and appoint a party centrist since the onset of Israeli hostilities."

The report added that Shalak admitted to differences with heads with the prime minister over the reconstruction strategy and that "the government was not handling it well."

The report said that "According to Al-Akhbar, Shalak emerged as the head of a faction within the Future Movement that criticized its mainstream leadership for steering the party away from the ideals of its founder to incite popular opposition to Hizbullah.

Shalak - and the camp of old Hariri allies - argued that the late premier would have encouraged Future to take a vocal, united stance in support of the resistance to counter Israeli attack."


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