Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Losing Streak

To add insult to injury, and that is the perception amongst those bombed in Lebanon!, the US has announed an aid package for Lebanon. I am sure many would agree that the aid package needed was a ceasefire that the US could have forced in the early days if it wanted to but, having lost face in Afghanistan and Iraq (and still losing) they needed a win (Lebanon/ Hizbullah) via Isreal they allowed the killing to continue.

Now, in the backdrop of a loss for Israel and Hizbullah's swift move (as always) to assist the people we now see a too little too late approach for the US throwing money at the problem, which is about all their Groupthink mindset will allow.

Keep your filthy money Bush! You own people need it more than we do!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At last someone is saying it 'as it is'. Bush and his motley crew seem to think money makes up for everything.

What they forget is that it doesn't bring back the dead!

22 August, 2006 20:39  

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