Monday, August 21, 2006

Watch out Kofi and France.....

You have to read this rubbish just to beleive that anyone would actually write it.... It's so ridiculous it's not even funny, watch our Kofi (and France), the "Boo Hoo Crew" that cry "anti-semitism" like diarrhea after some bad food are obviously building momentum to try to descredit you all.....

What is amazing is that the writer of this latest rubbish is a so-called security professional! Well if this is the kind of persons the US entrusts security too it is no wonder they are in the mess that they are right now!

Here is just one excerpt:

"Behind the scenes there are also concerns over the French role in peacekeeping at the Lebanon-Israel border. Many observers believe the French are anti-Semitic and will favor the radical Muslims including the terrorists groups Hezbollah and Hamas."

There just aren't words to describe how stupid that it!!!!!

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