Monday, August 21, 2006

Living in a Dream World

Only the most rabid of Zionist lunatics can truly see any logic in this statement from the Failure's (Olmert) Office:

"PM Olmert's office staffer says Israel's raid in Lebanon yesterday was not a violation of the ceasefire, but rather the required response to Hizbullah's ongoing violations of the ceasefire."

And what would those violations be? Have the UN reported any? No! But of course the now very old and tired excuse that the UN is biased against Israel (on what planet?) will be used again I am sure......

Although Israel seemed to have a lack of intelligence before the war they must now know that Hizbullah do not need resupply so their claims are again baseless! And why would they deploy a small unity of ground troops to do what their airpower can easily achieve if indeed it was a resupply they were targetting? Again a total lack of logic (and truth)!

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