Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Outlook for South Lebanon

First a few facts:

  1. Israel has approved increased military operations in Lebanon (increased offensive operations against a soveriegn state - they are targeting civilian areas and infrastructure, illegal under international law).
  2. They are hiding the results of their operations so far.
  3. They have threatened the Lebanese government directly - isn't that state terrorism?
  4. Israel threatens to target any vehicle moving south of the Litani River and says that applies to the media also (illegal under international law).

What does this tell us? What should be expect?

  1. In the coming week we will see increased distruction in southern Lebanon to clear entire towns and villages of people under their policy of scorched earth or 'buffer zones' as they so gleefully call it. If this is not the case why are bulldozers deployed in southern Lebanon? Are they gardening?
  2. Greater civilian deaths.
  3. More destruction of the civilian infrastructre - what's left of it!

Final Fact: They do not want peace. Israel cannot function and draw such large sums of money from the western world if it does not have a conflict to allow it to play the victim. It truly is a 'failed state'.


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