Saturday, August 19, 2006


This is a call I hope will ne heard. All of you in the Arab community have a responsibility to spread the word of what is really happening in the Arab world to those whose media and governments opporess what they see and hear through censorship and politics.

They actually think that they are the free, but how little they know.

I say "you in the Arab community" because the aggression of Israel and their supporters affects all of you whether you are Muslim (of any sect), Christian (of any sect) or a real Jew (not the astray Zionist type).

These conflicts have been spun by the west into a web of lies and deceit to fulfil the aim of a few at the expense of many.

Do not go to them with lies and nice words simply because you feel that is what they want to hear. They will never respect you.

Do not go to them with one word on your tongue and another in your heart. They will never hear you.

Tell the truth.

Do not divide the community. They sow division to weaken you. They incite you to fight eachother so that you cannot fight them while all along them continue their plans against you.

They divide your attention to make you lose the point. Do not let them.

Look to your core values and regain what is lost.

Speak the truth. Open the eyes and ears of others and you will regain what was lost!


Anonymous Abe Bird said...

If you let your citizens to sheild your terrorists its your problem. Not Israel's problem.

Don't start your aggression at the first place and than the Jews won't fight you.

Sure it's hard for you to understand because you are used to fight your Arab fellows any way. I prefer to let the Jews do the job to halt the extreme Muslim Fascists !

19 August, 2006 17:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Muslim Facists", you clown!

It didn't make sense when Bush said and it still doesn't!!

19 August, 2006 18:53  
Blogger Editor said...

Abe, get your facts right. People fighting to leberate their own land are not called terrorists, not are their actions illegal under international law.

Military occupation however is illegal so the logic remains that those you call Israeli's are actually the ones acting illegally!

And also let us point put that we actually discriminate here between real Jews and those idiots who are commonly known as Zionists that control Israel.

Even we Muslims will not allow you to dirty the name of decent Jews with your greed and filth.

19 August, 2006 19:01  
Blogger Editor said...

Abe, I am not an Arab!

I guess that makes me.... what's the catch phrase... a 'terrorist apologist'.. well NO, it actually just makes me a human being!

19 August, 2006 19:38  

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