Sunday, July 23, 2006

Disarmed Hezbollah acceptable to Israel

Talk about stating the obvious! WHat this realy says is yes, ISrael is willing to to live in peace with all it's neighbours so long as none of them can ever match it's military power and brutality and are willing to live under constant threat without standing up against them.

How on earth do people beleive this stuff? It's like believing that Israel withdrew from Lebanon... yeah sure, and Israeli warplanes flying over Lebanon almist daily for the past 6 six is not considered illegal, oh sorry, the UN does complain to the Israeli's about it but who listens to the UN any more.

Well it seems Lebanon, Iran, N. Korea, Iraq have to but Israel as usual does not, not so long as it's little brother the US, whose people pay for this state, continue their support.

Look at the US, rampant crime, lack of funds for all sorts of domestic programs inclduing THEIR OWN HEALTH yet they continue to pour money into the cancerous state of Israel! US nationals end up paying intax dollars and blood when the repucussions of their government's failed alignment with Israel are taken by militants as excuse to act against them.

But then these are just US civilians, Bush Inc are never living or working out there is the world at risk!


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