Saturday, July 29, 2006

Israel Harvests Death in the Fields of Lebanon

Israel Harvests Death in the Fields of Lebanon

By Genevieve Cora Fraser

A spider’s web
Of electrical lines
Hovers over deserted
Streets awash in drifting
Dirt and rubble dust
A child’s blackened
Body sleeps in eternal
Peace Israel uses death
To pacify children
Cleansing cities
And villages of life
Apartments sheared
Expose rooms tilting
Down spilled contents
Chairs, tables, books
Beds tumble in a slide
Downward crash
Against the pavement
Cushioned by roof tops
At the bottom of the pile
Ghostly clouds billow
Brown against a patch
Of blue the weather
Of war is predictably
Bleak a growing season
For martyrs sprouting
From the rubble hands
Feet, a leg, an arm
A new crop of death
Watered in blood
Emerges as a blanket
Of bombardment
Spreads across Southern
Lebanon covered
By the tissue of lies
America fabricates
To protect her most
Precious Partner
In war crimes
From taking
The heat


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