Sunday, July 30, 2006

WFP cancels Lebanon''s aid convoy due to Israeli rejection -- statement

Wait a minute, didn't the Israelis say it was Hizbullah that was blocking the aid? They must have been joking again, they are a funny lot! They have lot's of these jokes stored away just for such an occassion. By anyone else's standards they ae a bunch of damn liars but let's give them the benefit of the doubt just for a moment...... OK, that's long enough... they are back to being liars again.

PPL-LEBANON-ISRAEL-WFP WFP cancels Lebanon's aid convoy due to Israeli rejection -- statement
ROME, July 30 (KUNA) -- World Food Program (WFP) canceled a humanitarian aid convoy which was to be presented to homeless and displaced Lebanese, because the Israeli army refused to let it pass through, said a WFP statement on Sunday.WFP canceled the convoy destined to the Lebanese town of Marjoyoun after the Israeli army; which is intensifying its military operations in southern Lebanon, refused to let them to pass, the statement added.The statement expressed WFP's objection and frustration of the Israeli action, saying that "tens of thousands of Lebanese were in desperate need for these essential food supplies." More than 500,000 displaced Lebanese face increasing difficulties in acquiring food supplies due to the destruction of roads and bridges by the Israeli army, which makes it hard for aid to reach them.


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