Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Massacre Continues with US Support

Who are the real terrorists? The ones fighting for in defence of their country of those with precision weapons killing civilians? Or is it those who support this terror state with weapons? Or is it those who stand back taking no action?

What about the impotent Lebanese government, where the hell are you are your army while your people are dying in their hundreds? What are you doing when the bombs are falling?

Their is no point being disgusted with the US or Israel. They have shown their true light time and time again with their killing of civilians, torture and humilation of entire nations. Let them only know that what goes around comes around! Your time is coming I promise you!
Reuters - An Israeli air strike on a south Lebanon village on Sunday killed at least 35 civilians, including 21 children, witnesses and rescue workers said. They said several houses in the village of Qana collapsed and that a three-storey building where about 100 civilians were sheltering was partially destroyed.


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