Sunday, July 30, 2006


Almost a repeat of an attack in 1996 that killed over 100 civilians in Qana, Israel has again shown it's true colours killing over 50 civilians, almost ALL women and children in Qana, S.Lebanon. The Israelis say they were targetting rocket launchers, so tell us Israel where is the lovely video of this attack? You are so keen to show it when you hit bridges and roads, so where is it?

Where are the pieces of these rocket launchers amongst the rubble of Qana, we see nothing but broken buildings and dead children. Where are the dead Hizbullah fighters amogst the victims?

Oh, I guess somehow in the middle of the night Hizbullah got up, cleared all their dead, took every minute part of their 'rocket launchers' that you 'targeted' and disappeared into the night like some cosmic ghostly force, right? So where is the video? Don't you have reconnaissance planes "watching Hizbullah all over South Lebanon"? Or that just another of your Zionist lies?

This will not break Lebanon, the Arab World or the Muslim world I promise you. This will do nothing but make them all stronger and bring the fight to your doorstep where ever you may be.

But then this is just what you want isn't it! Playing the eternal victim seems to be a feature of your life whilst your military power, once feared but now humiliated, kills the innocent. Now presented with a true opponent (Hizbullah) see how they run. Entire divisions stopped in their tracks by the faith of Hizbullah!

1996 Massacre in Qana:

This is what US taxes pay for!!!!


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