Wednesday, August 16, 2006

425, 1559, 1701

Dates in History? No.

Just a few of the resolutions from the UN on this decades old conflict. Selective memory in the US and Israel only seems to remeber 1559 that calls for the lidicrous and completely unmanageable task of disarming Hizbullah. Israel claim that 1559 would have stopped the problem, what rubbish!

The root cause, as good old George W refers to it in total ignorance, is the occupation and military posturing of the Israeli's. They are war criminals, courts have proven it, they are murderers, the media has witnessed it, they are stupid, their endless lies prove it.

If it were not for Hizbullah what would these bloodthirsty war criminals do to Lebanon and everyone else that they seem as untamed to their expansionist plans?

They need conflict to survive, they are a failed state of the worst kind and a failed people throughout history.


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