Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Israel's greed for 'natural' borders

Little has been said about the greed in Israel for natural borders; an objective set out at the inception of the state decades ago but as time has passed us the Israeli state move closer to implementation of this plan.

Natural borders are both politically and military easier to defend and when this natural border is a river it also brings natural resources (water), a much in demand resource in the Arab world and one which has been fought over for hundreds of years.

So why bring this up now? Those with a memory longer than four weeks (thanks George Galloway for that phrase) will remember the many crises during the previous Israeli occupation of Lebanon where both sides fought diplomatic battles over the rerouting of the Litani River in Lebanon.

With Israel already in occupation of southern Lebanon at that time and their 'claims' of not wanting to be there why were they so adamant that Lebanon, whose territory the river lies inside could not fully tap into this resource?

This is a question that went unanswered but in the scenario bloodily playing out before us now we see the Israeli war machine (what is left of it) attempting to move back to the Litani and establish a Buffer Zone.

Buffer Zone is a very familiar term to the Palestinians nowadays. To them it means a wasteland, scorched and destroyed within their own territory by Israel that anyone even idly wandering through is likely to be killed in regardless of age, gender or intent.

Is it really beyond our imagination that the same is not going to happen in Lebanon? No, of course not.

The one thing Israel is good at is destroying others around them. We will see total destruction in southern Lebanon, when the media finally get around there and maybe, just maybe we will learn the names of one or two of the hundreds that Israel slaughtered there.

Until then, watch this play out. See Israel's greed draw them deeper into Lebanon; remember this is not a military battle, that has been lost by them already. Their politicians, now desperate to show some gain for fear of losing their jobs need to get more out of Lebanon but what more is there?


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