Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's all just common sense

Amazing but true, Israel, oblivious to the death, suffering and destruction of what they see as sub-humans in Lebanon (wait, didn't the Nazi's see the Jews that way?) say they will make the war more painful.

Leaflets dropped over Beirut today warned of a "painful and strong" expansion of the Israeli military's slaughter of the Lebanese people.

What more can they do? How far do they have to go before the clown (sorry I meant to say politicians) in the rest of the world see these people for the criminals and murderers that they are?

They are openly threatening to hit ANY vehicle that moves in south Lebanon (collective punishment - war crime), they are openly threatening to hit ANY truck on the road to and from Syria (stopping humanitarian aid - war crime). And let us be hinest they are very openly destroying the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon (war crime).

Now the qeustion becomes, if these are all war crime will they be held accountable? Probbaly not due to western support!

But then aren't western goverments then complicit in these war crimes for their support of the conflict against Lebanon? Please don't anyone give me any crap about this being against Hizbullah - the vast majority of targets hit are civilian?

The airport, roads, bridges, power, water, entire residential blocks, houses, the list is endless and none of this is legal!

They say it is because Hizbullah can use it, WHAT?

Did the UK bomb every road in Belfast, the airport, bridges, cut off power and demolish entire residential areas of the IRA, NO! Why not? Becuase it is illegal and immoral and it does not bring a solution, it brings more hatred.

Did the US bomb entire areas of Iraq, Afghanistan, roads infrastructure, houses.... oh wait a second, sorry, OF COURSE THEY DID!

So their in lies the pattern! Birds of a feather flock together as the saying goes! One mans politician is another mans war criminal but with the criminals controlling, or not even recognising the courts there is little one can do.

So back in Lebanon the people are dying, the UN is playing scrable (or some other word game) with a resolution or two, Bush is lazing around waiting for instruction from some neo-con, Fluffy the Poodle (Blair) is waiting for instruction from Bush, Olmert is sending instruction to the neo-cons.... ah ha... the link.

Well you know if I was some kind of genius I would be so proud of myself but this is just plain common sense, pity the people in the western world can't see it!


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