Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Next Few Hours

Ever seen a mad dog realising it's about to die? Never will you see such a scene of madness and desperation unless of course you look at what Israel is doing in Lebanon TODAY as the pressure comes on for a ceasefire from Monday (Aug 14).

They are trying madly to reach the Litani River just to say 'we got there', maybe they will all buy some t-shirts and send postcards just to prove it.

Over 30 missiles on a residential area of Beirut today alone.

Industrial areas of Beirut hit today to finish off the last of the economy.

Over 50 towns and villages across the south of the country hit today alone.

But just like the mad dog, they know their efforts are in vain but have nothing to lose. The end is in sight and there is nothing they can do about it.

If we are in the final hours of anything it is the final hours of Israel's dominance and threatening posture in the region. The final hours of the US's leading role and reputation in the region. The final hours of any possibility of future effective reforms in the region.

But do Israel or the US care? Who knows!

Bush has nothing to lose, he's finished at the end of his term and hands the whole mess over to someone else. The Israeli government is finished as soon as the Israeli public wake up and realise the truth of the last few weeks and months. So they don't care!

So what next we have to ask? Just as Israel is looking for the 'final kill' in the run up to the ceasefire have no doubt that Bush Inc. are also looking for their final kill. Syria? Hizbullah? Iran? Who knows but be sure, they is looking!


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