Friday, September 01, 2006

Is the world beginning to see the truth of Israel's policy of lies and deceit?

Israel accused of 'shocking behaviour' on cluster bombs
Israel has been accused of "shocking" and "completely immoral" behaviour by the UN's humanitarian chief because it dropped cluster bombs on Lebanon when a ceasefire with Hezbollah was in sight. Link

Annan: Israel is Greatest Violator of Cease-Fire
Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan told Defense Minister Amir Peretz during a meeting between the two on Tuesday evening that Israel is responsible for most violations of the UN-brokered cease-fire in southern Lebanon. He also called for Israel to lift its sea and air blockade of Lebanon, which Israel put in place at the start of the campaign against Hizbullah last month. Link

Watch them fight back now with the same old, extremely over-used 'anti-semitism' line.. yes once again the Rapist will claim to be the victim!


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