Monday, August 28, 2006

George Galloway in Lebanon

Good old George is not mising a beat after trashing Sky News recently. He is now in Lebanon and still bashing the crusaders for them blind policies or murder in the region...

(Report) - British MP George Galloway said that Israel has been defeated in its war on Lebanon militarily on the war ground and in the political and media fields all over the world.

“Our visit to south Lebanon aims at making the world see the realities of the Israeli crimes not the lies of Israeli allegations,” Galloway said in a statement on Sunday during a visit to the Lebanese southern city of Sidon.

He added that his visit to Lebanon and Sidon is to congratulate the Lebanese resistance which has turned upside down the balances and destroyed the image of the Israeli unconquerable army.

"I came here to apologize on the role played by the British Premier Tony Blair in increasing the Israeli crimes through prolonging the suffering of the Lebanese people or in the European Union where Blair sought to prevent issuing a cease-fire resolution," the British MP said.


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