Sunday, August 27, 2006

Israel accuses the UN of aiding Hizbullah - what next?

This story is about as realistic to the conditions in southern Lebanon as Walt Disney could try to make them! The UN, accussed of passing information to Hizbullah because they published Israeli troops movements in Lebanon on their web site and only limited information about Hizbullah...

Oh come on! See the truth people! How hard is it to spot an armoured convoy (Tanks etc) crossing the border, entering villages etc?

Compare that to spotting Hizbullah fighters hidden in the terrain, villages, where ecer they were (even Israel could not find them!).

So how could the UN possibly publish detailed movements of Hizbullah? If Israel's war and intelligence (I use that word sparingly with Israel) machine could not find Hizbullah why would they expect a UN force with limited capabilities to spot Hizbullah?

And before we get some of you bashing the UN force for their limited role please remember that it was in fact the US (& Israel) that limited their role when the force was established!

If the so called journalists that wrote that story had been watching Al Manar and other regional media they would have seen that they were reporting the movements without any 'intelligence from the UN.

So to Israel we say, get a grip on reality, stop your lies and deceit, the more you lie the more people are beginning to see right through you. And to anyone who still actually believes the rubbish we are bombarded with daily by Israel there is just nothing to say except 'get a life'!.

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