Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lying Perfection

If there is one thing we have to say that Israel is perfect at, that must be lying, or is it just total confusion that clouds their minds all day every day.....

It seems that they have agreed to a ceasfire but as Israeli PM (Premier Murderer) Olmert says that the offesnive is going to continue....

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I think I have been quite civil so far but now I have to say that this guy is just a fricking idiot, a murdering idiot!


Anonymous RWing Nut said...

Here is an excerpt from Reuters, full article available on Yahoo.
"Hizbollah launched its heaviest one-day rocket barrage into Israel since the start of the war. Security officials said more than 250 rockets were fired, killing a 70-year-old man and wounding at least 91 people. Some hit the center of the port city of Haifa but there were no immediate reports of casualties"

The heaviest rocket attacks into Israel and therefore offensive attacks, are certainly indications that Hizbollah wants peace, right? More like let's call a truce so we can reload.

13 August, 2006 23:33  
Blogger Editor said...

rwing - it seems that you, like many media infected persosn out there, are unable to distinguish betwwen the occupied and the occupier.

I am not suggesting you study law, God forbid we actually force you to become educated, but at least try to find the facts before you write any more.

14 August, 2006 09:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yawn....., another right wing nut-job on the war path!

If you bothered to go through this site you would have seen the same story already refered to:

How many people do you actually know in Lebanon, I mean apart from CNN / BBC & Fox reporters?

That is the trouble with you right wingers, you are all so dumb you just believe what ever rubbish comes out of your TV without looking looking for the facts.

Have some respect for yourself!

14 August, 2006 09:41  

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