Monday, August 14, 2006

A pre-emptive strike against Rome

Israel, keen not to come back under the control of the Roman Empire conducted a pre-emptive strike on an evacuted Roman Temple in Lebanon. Although Israel continues to claim it is acting in self-defence a local source with detailed knowledge of the Roman Forces reported that Roman troops had left the area some time ago!

So as to ensure that everyone understood that Israel was responsible for the attack they also killed a child of 10 years in one of their trade mark bombardments of this area of the country.

It would therefore appear the Israel's sense of humanity is unlikley to be restored anytime soon!!!

(Daily Star) Israeli air raids in Baalbek killed one child and caused damage to the ancient Roman Temple of Bacchus on Saturday, the town mayor said. Israeli fighter-bombers carried out two raids on Saturday morning in the old town square near the centuries-old Baalbek temple complex, killing a 10 year-old boy and wounding three people, police said.

Two buildings were completely destroyed in the raids.

The bombardment caused cracks in the Temple of Bacchus, weakening the structures of the Roman creation which had withstood several earthquakes, Mayor Mohsen al-Jamal told AFP.

Several stones fell inside the temple complex, which is a UNESCO-protected world heritage site, he added.

The raids also destroyed the old market, where a two-year renovation project financed by the United Nations had just been completed.

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