Monday, August 14, 2006

Sure Don't Sound Like a Ceasefire II: Israel says it can target Hizbollah arms despite truce

The occupier once again proves that threatening behaviour is an in-built mechanism of his terror campaign.... Their sense of entitlement is disgusting.....

(Reuters) Israel believes it will be entitled to use force to prevent Hizbollah from rearming and to clear guerrilla positions out of southern Lebanon after a U.N. truce takes effect, Israeli officials said on Sunday.

Israeli officials said such operations are "defensive" in nature and therefore permissible under a U.N. Security Council resolution which calls for Israel to halt "all offensive military operations".

Western diplomats and U.N. officials said they feared Israel's broad definition of "defensive" actions could lead to a resurgence in large-scale fighting, preventing the swift deployment of international troops meant to monitor a ceasefire.

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