Monday, July 31, 2006

Moqtada al-Sadr accuses Arab states of failing Lebanon

It is time for the Sunni and Shia to put their differences aside. Too many have taken their concentration away from the real enemy and are fighting each other. The enemy know that so long as the Shia and Sunni fight and kill each other they will never unite to face them. Learn now from the mistakes of the past before you are all taken to peices whilst your enemies watch you from the sidelines.

Destruction of Israeli warship beginning of vengeance for Qana

(KUNA) -- Lebanese Hezbollah group said Monday that the destruction of an Israeli warship today on the shore of Tyre is "the beginning of the vengeance for the children of Qana." Hezbollah issued a statement saying "At 4:30 pm (1330 GMT), the Islamic Resistance attacked with its blessed missiles an Israeli SAAR 4.5 (fast attack missile boat), with a crew of 53 officers and soldiers, off the coast of Tyre, ".The statement added the Israeli warship "was hit and destroyed."

"They kill our children and women, we kill their soldiers, they destroy our houses, mosques and churches, we destroy their warships and tanks," added the statement.Hezbollah had vowed revenge following the killing of 52 people, most of whom are women and children, in an Israeli air raid on the village of Qana Sunday.

"This is some of the vengeances to our enemy which commits massacres all over Lebanon," statement added.

On July 14, just two days after Israel launched its offensive against Lebanon, Hezbollah hit an Israeli warship with a surface-to-sea missile off Beirut, killing four Israeli sailors.

Ten years ago the U.S. ensured that the UN investigation into the massacre at Qana did not reach a full conclusion

Qana Bombing Aftermath

WASHINGTON - July 31 -
Judith Brown Chomsky is a cooperating attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, which is litigating a class action lawsuit in U.S. federal court in connection with Israel's 1996 shelling of a UN compound also in Qana, Lebanon, which killed more than 100 civilians.

She said today: "Ten years ago the U.S. ensured that the UN investigation into the massacre at Qana did not reach a full conclusion, and today the U.S. is preventing the UN from doing what it is morally obligated to do, which is call for an immediate cease fire. The green light that the U.S. is giving to Israel's continued attack on Lebanon will ensure that there are more Qanas."

Bombing on Israeli patrol road in Golan: TV

Looks like the murderers in Washington have not given up on a war with Syria just yet....

(Reuters) - A Syrian-made bomb was detonated next to an Israeli army patrol road in the occupied Golan Heights, causing no casualties but stirring concern the Lebanon conflict could widen, Israeli television said on Monday. Channel Two quoted Israeli military sources as saying the overnight blast in the Golan, which the Jewish state captured from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war, was believed to be an act of solidarity with Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas.

Quote of the Day

"The more fear they can arouse the longer they can continue their aggression in the name of defense."

Although it sounds as if it is tailor made for Israel this is actually a quote from an informed source talking about the US!

Hezbollah said Monday it destroyed Israeli warship off coasts of Tyre, sources.

Still checking this one................

Hezbollah said Monday it destroyed Israeli warship off coasts of Tyre, sources.

Not another Israeli 'mistake'.... smart bombs and dumb pilots!

Can we really beleiev they make so many mistake sin two week? Who on earth trained these people? Oh the US... well that explains it....

Israeli battleplane hits Lebanese soldiers by mistake: IDF spokesman

The Israeli military confirmed to Xinhua that its battleplane fired by mistake at a car suspected to carry a senior Hezbollah official in southern Lebanon Monday afternoon, killing one Lebanese soldier and wounding three others.

An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman told Xinhua that the strike targeted a car which was driving near the Lebanese port city of Tyre, but apparently there were no Hezbollah militias in the car.

The spokesman said that the IDF expressed regret for the death. Earlier, Lebanese media reported that one Lebanese soldier was killed and three others were wounded by Israeli naval fire near Tyre on Monday.

A Lebanese army post in the coastal village of Qasmiyeh, north of Tyre, came under the Israeli navy fire on Monday, said the reports.

On the same day, the IAF also carried out air strikes meant to protect ground forces operating near the southern Lebanese village of Taibeh, which were not targeting anyone or anything specific, according to the IDF spokesman. [does this make sense?, maybe to Israel]

Israel announced a 48-hour suspension of air strikes shortly after Sunday midnight, in the wake of more than 50 Lebanese civilians killed by Israeli attack on the village of Qana in southern Lebanon.

But the Israeli military said it would press ahead airstrikes aimed to protect ground troops.

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz told the Knesset (Parliament) on Monday that Israel must not agree to an immediate ceasefire, adding that the Israeli army would expand its offensive against Hezbollah guerillas who kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and killed eight on July 12 and triggered the violence.

Egypt’s Mubarak says UN “impotent” over Lebanon

I guess he hasn't looked in the mirror lately!

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said on Monday the UN Security Council had revealed its impotence in its response to Israel’s conflict with Hezbollah, and again called for an immediate ceasefire. In an address to the nation, Mubarak said the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinians was the core of the problem and so there was an urgent need to revive peace talks.
He called for an urgent international investigation into the Israeli attack on the south Lebanese village of Qana on Sunday, in which at least 54 civilians were killed.

The UN Security Council met in New York on Sunday and unanimously adopted a statement deploring the Qana attack. But the United States blocked adoption of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s call for an immediate truce. Mubarak said: “Egypt expresses its regret and annoyance at the failure to reach an immediate ceasefire... The Security Council has failed to deal rapidly and effectively with the Israeli aggression and to fulfil its responsibility for international peace and security.” “This foot-dragging and impotence reflect the fundamental flaws in the joint defence system which the United Nations represents,” the Egyptian president added. Mubarak on Monday sent Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit to Saudi Arabia to discuss the crisis.

Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia -- three of the Arab governments most friendly toward the United States -- face outrage and protest at home against Israel’s conduct, pushing them to try to take a tougher line with Washington. The government of Morocco, which also has good relations with Washington, condemned as odious the Israeli attack on Qana, the state news agency MAP reported. It called on the international community, especially the world’s most influential countries and organisations, to act to put an end to the war.

In Kuwait, a staunch US ally since American troops freed it from Iraqi occupation in 1991, several members of parliament slammed Washington for not acting to curb Israel’s offensive.
“America stands behind this war. America condemns terrorism but it also practices it,” said Sunni Islamist MP Ahmed al-Saadoun during a heated parliamentary session.

The Algerian daily newspaper Le Quotidien d’Oran said the bombing of Qana was “one of the blackest pages of its (Israel’s) sinister history”. “With all the indescribable hatred and sickening contempt that it shows towards Lebanese civilians, (it) also constitutes an insult to Arab leaders... It is an insult to their cowardice, to their powerlessness and the subservience (to the United States) that certain among them have not hidden,” it added.

In Tunisia, tacher Hamida el Bour said: “It (the attack on Qana) shows clearly that Israel respects no international laws and changes the terms of reference whenever it wants to.”
“This crime gives the US no excuse for being surprised if one day the September 11 attacks happen again.” she added. Professional organisations and opposition groups are planning more demonstrations in Cairo on Monday in protest at the Israeli attacks in Lebanon. There have been protests in Cairo most days for the past week, usually with several hundred participants at a time.

Israeli army flattening Hezbollah posts on Lebanon border

Just like Palestine they will destroy everything whether it is from Hizbullah or not!!! But do not worry, their time of reckoning is fast approaching!!

Israeli army bulldozers have begun flattening positions previously held by Hezbollah militia so as to create a security zone inside southern Lebanon, a military official said on Monday.
Sixty armoured bulldozers were ploughing areas north of the border, demolishing positions, bunkers and obstacles placed by Hezbollah since Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000, the official said.

“Sixty D9s are cleaning a fire-zone of about one kilometre in depth and flattening Hezbollah armed positions,” he quoted Defence Minister Amir Peretz as saying during Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

The 60-tonnes and 410-horse power Caterpillar D9 bulldozers were operated by army engineering corps reserve forces, the official said.

The Israeli army said Sunday it aimed to establish a “security zone” along the southern Lebanese border by Wednesday.

By Wednesday we are going to establish a two-kilometer (one mile) wide “security zone’ in which there will be no infrastructure or sign of Hezbollah’s presence,” army operations chief General Gadi Eisenkaut told reporters.

[Editor: This serves to confirm our earlier posts:]

Rescue workers dig up 28 bodies in south Lebanon

As we all knew, Qana was just one of the MANY Israeli war crimes of the current conflict!

Reuters - TYRE, Lebanon - Rescuers recovered 28 bodies on Monday at the start of the gruesome task of digging up dozens of bodies from the rubble of south Lebanon during a 48-hour suspension of Israeli air attacks.

Lebanese Red Cross sources said 12 bodies were recovered in the village of Sreefa, nine in Zibqeen and four in Qleileh, all east of the port city of Tyre. Three other bodies were recovered in three other villages.

They said rescue workers were looking for dozens more bodies believed to be buried under the rubble in a cluster of border villages and towns bombarded by Israeli aircraft over the past three weeks.

Israel’s three-week offensive in Lebanon has killed around 578 people, mostly civilians.
Lebanese Health Minister Mohammad Khalifeh put the number of unrecovered bodies at 200, which would take the death toll to 750 in Lebanon. Fifty-one Israelis have also been killed.

Civil defence workers were using a bulldozer to clear rubble from where around 30 civilians were believed buried under houses destroyed in an Israeli air strike in Sreefa two weeks ago.

One Lebanese soldier killed, three wounded by Israeli naval fire

So their air campaign has been halted and the sea compaign against the Lebanese army (who so far have stayed out of the fight, could this be provocation?) continues unabated!!!!

TYRE, Lebanon (AFX) - One Lebanese soldier was killed today and three wounded by Israeli naval fire north of the port city of Tyre, police said. The strike hit a military position close to Qassimiyeh bridge and came after Israel announced it was suspending air attacks on south Lebanon for 48 hours.

Israeli air force carries out strikes in southern Lebanon - Despite Halt to Attacks

Israeli air force carries out strikes in southern Lebanon31/07/2006 - 12:12:52 PM

The Israeli air force carried out strikes today near the village of Taibe in southern Lebanon despite an agreement to halt raids for 48 hours, the army said.The air strikes are meant to protect ground forces operating in the area, and are not targeting anyone or anything specific, the army said. [Editor: nothing unusual in that, its hard to see what any of their targets actually are as they claim not to target cilivians!]

Israel agreed to halt its air operations in Lebanon for two days after nearly 60 Lebanese civilians were killed in a strike yesterday.Meanwhile Hezbollah guerrillas attacked an Israeli tank in southern Lebanon today, wounding three soldiers, the military said.

The attack, with an anti-tank missile, occurred near the villages of Kila and Taibe near the Israel-Lebanon border, where Israeli ground forces have been fighting Hezbollah guerrillas for nearly two weeks. The three soldiers were lightly wounded.

Bush urges Mideast peace 'for the sake of children'

This guy is as arrogant as they come. He leaves Israel to kill civilians, over 750, 45% of those are children. 30 children die in Qana and now this statement. Who does this clown think he is kidding?

AFX - US President George W Bush, responding to the deaths of more than 50 civilians in an Israeli air attack in Lebanon, called Sunday for an end to the fighting in the Middle East "for the sake of children.

"Speaking before the start of a children's baseball game at the White House, Bush renewed his call for a "sustainable peace" after the attack overnight on the Lebanese village Qana, in which many children were among the casualties.

"Today's actions in the Middle East remind us that the United States and friends and allies must work for sustainable peace, particularly for the sake of children," Bush said.

U.S. expected to again oppose an immediate truce

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged the Security Council on Sunday to condemn a deadly Israeli attack on the Lebanese village of Qana and to call for an immediate end to the violence."I am deeply dismayed that my earlier calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities were not heeded," Annan said. "I repeat this call once again from this chamber and I appeal to the council to do likewise."

Annan was speaking at an emergency council meeting he called after the Israeli air strike on Qana killed more than 60 civilians in the deadliest single attack of its 19-day-old war against Hizbollah militants.The council, after an hour of consultations, adjourned until later on Sunday while the 15 members contacted their governments on a possible statement.

But U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, who expected the council to express "profound regrets" over the Qana attack, made clear Washington would only back an "enduring" negotiated cease-fire, not an immediate truce. Read more

db: Clearly it appears that the US via the neocon John Bolton will again successfully block a ceasefire call - against the will of both the UN and World public opinion. Emyr Jones Parry, the British Ambassador, called on the council to call for an immediate end to fighting as well as a resolution setting out "the political basis for resolving this crisis on a longer-term basis." Parry will be an interesting act to follow when the session resumes later - will the Brit position change, or are we going to continue subverting both the interests of the UK and Lebanon by blindly following the US - who for their own reasons, both domestic and geopolitical, require that Israel be given more time to complete what is already, essentially, a failed mission.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Isreal's 'self-defence' claims...

That old story again, "Israel has the right to self-defence", well guess what Bush Inc. and that office boy.. oh, what's his name... Blair, you need to take account of the fact that Lebanon also has the right to self-defence!

Chronology of major Israeli massacres in Lebanon

Here is a chronology of major Israeli massacres in Lebanon since 1982 (does not include numerous other smaller scale atrocities):

1982 - Israeli forces in cooperation with Lebanese militias killed around 800 people in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.

1984 - Israeli forces committed a massacre in the Lebanese Suhmor town where Israeli troops forced families to gather in a square and fired at them, killing 13 people.

1985 - Beirut's Southern Suburb quarter of Bir Al-Abd witnessed a massacre, when 75 people were killed and hundreds injured in a car bomb explosion masterminded by Israel.

1985 - Israeli committed a massacre in the Iqlim Al-Tuffah region where 30 people were killed and hundreds injured.

1994 - The town of Deir Al-Zahrani witnessed a massacre when Israeli warplanes attacked a two-storey building killing dozens.

1996 - Lebanese town of Nabatiyeh witnessed a massacre when Israeli warplanes raided a house which belongs to a Lebanese citizen killing many.

1996 - Lebanese town Qana witnessed a massacre when Israeli heavy artillery raided a UNIFIL position, killing 102 civilians and injuring hundreds of women and children.

2006 - The Lebanese town of Qana witnessed another massacre when Israeli warplanes attacked a building killing innocent 54 civilians, mostly children.

And we are supposed to believe this is self-defence!!!

Israel's "New Middle East"

Tanya Reinhart demonstrates that Israel's real aim in Lebanon is to establish the Litani River as its natural border. To realize this, it will first destroy Lebanon, then install a puppet regime and, finally, annex southern Lebanon.

Beirut is burning, hundreds of Lebanese die, hundreds of thousands lose all they ever owned and become refugees, and all the world is doing is rescuing the "foreign passport" residents of what was just two weeks ago "the Paris of the Middle East". Lebanon must die now, because "Israel has the right to defend itself", so goes the US mantra, used to block any international attempt to impose a cease fire.

Israel, backed by the US, portrays its war on Lebanon as a war of self defence. It is easy to sell this message to mainstream media, because the residents of the north of Israel are also in shelters, bombarded and endangered. Israel's claim that no country would let such an attack on its residents go unanswered finds many sympathetic ears. But let us reconstruct exactly how it all started.

On Wednesday, 12 July 2006, a Hezbollah unit attacked two armoured Jeeps of the Israeli army, patrolling along Israel's border with Lebanon. Three Israeli soldiers were killed in the attack and two were taken hostage. At a news conference held in Beirut a couple of hours later, Hezbollah's leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, explained that their aim was to reach a prisoner exchange where, in return for the two captured Israeli soldiers, Israel would return three Lebanese prisoners it had refused to release in a previous prisoner exchange. Nasrallah declared that "he did not want to drag the region into war", but added that "our current restraint is not due to weakness... if they [Israel] choose to confront us, they must be prepared for surprises."(1)

The Israeli government, however, did not give a single moment for diplomacy, negotiations or even cool reflection over the situation. In a cabinet meeting that same day, it authorized a massive offensive on Lebanon. As Ha'aretz reported, "In a sharp departure from Israel's response to previous Hezbollah attacks, the cabinet session unanimously agreed that the Lebanese government should be held responsible for yesterday's events." Olmert declared: "This morning's events are not a terror attack, but the act of a sovereign state that attacked Israel for no reason and without provocation." He added that "the Lebanese government, of which Hezbollah is a part, is trying to undermine regional stability. Lebanon is responsible, and Lebanon will bear the consequences of its actions." (2)

At the cabinet meeting, "the IDF [Israeli armed forces] recommended various operations aimed at the Lebanese government and strategic targets in Lebanon", as well as a comprehensive attack on southern Lebanon (where Hezbollah's batteries of rockets are concentrated). The government immediately approved both recommendations. The spirit of the cabinet's decision was succinctly summarized by Defence Minister Amir Peretz who said: "We're skipping the stage of threats and going straight to action."(3)

At 2150 that same day, Ha'aretz internet edition reported that, by that time, Israel had already bombarded bridges in central Lebanon and attacked "Hezbollah's posts" in southern Lebanon.(4) An Amnesty International press release of the next day (13 July) stated that, in these attacks, "some 40 Lebanese civilians have reportedly been killed... Among the Lebanese victims were a family of 10, including eight children, who were killed in Dweir village, near Nabatiyeh, and a family of seven, including a seven-month-old baby, who were killed in Baflay village near Tyre. More than 60 other civilians were injured in these or other attacks."

It was at that point, early on Wednesday night, following the first Israeli attack, that Hezbollah started its rocket attack on the north of Israel. Later the same night (before the dawn of Thursday), Israel launched its first attack on Beirut, when Israeli warplanes bombed Beirut's international airport and killed at least 27 Lebanese civilians in a series of raids. In response, Hezbollah's rocket attacks intensified on Thursday, when "more than 100 Katyusha rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon in the largest attack of its sort since the start of the Lebanon war in 1982". Two Israeli civilians were killed in this attack, and 132 were taken to the hospital.(5) When Israel started destroying the Shi'i quarters of Beirut the following day, including a failed attempt on Nasrallah's life, Hezbollah extended its rockets attacks to Haifa.

The way it started, there was nothing in Hezbollah's military act, whatever one may think of it, to justify Israel's massive disproportionate response. Lebanon has had a long-standing border dispute with Israel: in 2000, when Israel, under Prime Minister Ehud Barak, withdrew from southern Lebanon, Israel kept a small piece of land known as the Shaba farms (near Mount Dov), which it claims belonged historically to Syria and not to Lebanon, though both Syria and Lebanon deny that. The Lebanese government has frequently appealed to the US and others for Israel's withdrawal also from this land, which has remained the centre of friction in southern Lebanon, in order to ease the tension in the area and to help the Lebanese internal negotiations over implementing UN resolutions. The most recent such appeal was in mid-April 2006, in a Washington meeting between Lebanon's Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and George Bush.(6)

In the six years since Israel withdrew, there have been frequent border incidents between Hezbollah and the Israeli army, and ceasefire violations of the type committed now by Hezbollah have occurred before, initiated by either side, and more frequently by Israel. None of the previous incidents resulted in Katyusha shelling of the north of Israel, which has enjoyed full calm since Israel's withdrawal. It was possible for Israel to handle this incident as all its predecessors, with at most a local retaliation, or a prisoner exchange or, even better, with an attempt to solve this border dispute once and for all. Instead, Israel opted for a global war. As Peretz put it: "The goal is for this incident to end with Hezbollah so badly beaten that not a man in it does not regret having launched this incident [sic]."(7)

The Israeli government knew right from the start that launching its offensive would expose the north of Israel to heavy Katyusha rockets attacks. This was openly discussed at this government's first meeting on Wednesday: "Hezbollah is likely to respond to the Israeli attacks with massive rocket launches at Israel, and in that case, the IDF might move ground forces into Lebanon".(8) One cannot avoid the conclusion that, for the Israeli army and government, endangering the lives of residents of northern Israel was a price worth paying in order to justify the planned ground offensive. They started preparing Israelis on that same Wednesday for what may be ahead: "We may be facing a completely different reality, in which hundreds of thousands of Israelis will, for a short time, find themselves in danger from Hezbollah's rockets," said a senior defence official. "These include residents of the centre of the country."(9) For the Israeli military leadership, not only the Lebanese and the Palestinians, but also the Israelis are just pawns in some big military vision.

The speed at which everything happened (along with many other pieces of information) indicates that Israel has been waiting for a long time for "the international conditions to ripen" for the massive war on Lebanon it has been planning. In fact, one does not need to speculate on this since, right from the start, Israeli and US official sources have been pretty open in this regard. As a senior Israeli official explained to the Washington Post on 16 July, "Hezbollah's cross-border raid has provided a 'unique moment' with a 'convergence of interests'."(10) The paper goes on to explain what this convergence of interests is:

For the United States, the broader goal is to strangle the axis of Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran, which the Bush administration believes is pooling resources to change the strategic playing field in the Middle East, US officials say.(11)

For the US, the Middle East is a "strategic playing field", where the game is establishing full US domination. The US already controls Iraq and Afghanistan, and considers Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and a few other states as friendly cooperating regimes. But even with this massive foothold, full US domination is still far from established. Iran has only been strengthened by the Iraq war and refuses to accept the decrees of the master. Throughout the Arab world, including in the "friendly regimes", there is boiling anger at the US, at the heart of which is not only the occupation of Iraq, but the brutal oppression of the Palestinians, and the US backing of Israel's policies. The new axis of the four enemies of the Bush administration (Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran) are bodies viewed by the Arab world as resisting US or Israel's rule, and standing for Arab liberation.

From Bush's perspective, he only has two years to consolidate his vision of complete US control of the Middle East, and to do that, all seeds of resistance should be crushed in a devastating blow that will make it clear to every single Arab that obeying the master is the only way to stay alive. If Israel is willing to do the job and crush not only the Palestinians, but also Lebanon and Hezbollah, then the US, torn from the inside by growing resentment over Bush's wars, and perhaps unable to send new soldiers to be killed for this cause right now, will give Israel all the backing it can. As Rice announced in her visit in Jerusalem on 25 July, what is at stakes is "a new Middle East". "We will prevail," she promised Olmert.

But Israel is not sacrificing its soldiers and citizens only to please the Bush administration. The "new Middle East" has been a dream of the ruling Israeli military circles since at least 1982, when Sharon led the country to the first Lebanon war with precisely this declared goal. Hezbollah's leaders have argued for years that its real long-term role is to protect Lebanon, whose army is too weak to do this. They have said that Israel has never given up its aspirations for Lebanon and that the only reason it pulled out of southern Lebanon in 2000 is because Hezbollah's resistance has made maintaining the occupation too costly.

Lebanon's people know what every Israeli old enough to remember knows: that, in the vision of Ben Gurion, Israel's founding leader, Israel's border should be "natural", that is, the Jordan River in the East, and the Litani River of Lebanon in the north. In 1967, Israel gained control over the Jordan River, in the occupied Palestinian land, but all its attempts to establish the Litani border have failed so far.

As I argued in Israel/Palestine, already when the Israeli army left southern Lebanon in 2000, the plans to return were ready.(12) But, in Israel's military vision, in the next round, the land should be first "cleaned" of its residents, as Israel did when it occupied the Syrian Golan Heights in 1967, and as it is doing now in southern Lebanon. To enable Israel's eventual realization of Ben Gurion's vision, it is necessary to establish a "friendly regime" in Lebanon, one that will collaborate in crushing any resistance. To do this, it is necessary first to destroy the country, as in the US model of Iraq. These were precisely Sharon's declared aims in the first Lebanon war. Israel and the US believe that now conditions have ripened enough that these aims can finally be realized.

Tanya Reinhart is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Media Studies at Tel Aviv University and a frequent lead writer for the Israeli evening paper Yediot Ahronot. The second edition of her 2002 book Israel/Palestine: How to end the war of 1948 was published in 2005 (Seven Stories), and her new book: The Road Map to Nowhere, will appear in September (Verso).

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Lebanon/Israel: Urgent need for arms embargo

Monday, 31 July 2006, 3:26 amPress Release: Amnesty International Lebanon/Israel: Urgent need for arms embargo on Israel and Hizbullah

As civilians continue to bear the brunt of the conflict in Israel and Lebanon, Amnesty International called for an immediate arms embargo on both Israel and Hizbullah. Amnesty International is gravely concerned about the continuing transfer of weapons from the US, via the UK, as information emerged that a UK airport is being used by USA cargo planes on their way to deliver munitions to Israel.

"The pattern of attacks and the extent of civilian casualties show a blatant disregard of international humanitarian law by Israel and Hizbullah," said Irene Khan, Amnesty International Secretary General. "Direct targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure and launching indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks amount to war crimes."

"Governments supplying Israel and Hizbullah with arms and military equipment are fuelling their capacity to commit war crimes. All governments should impose an arms embargo on both sides and refuse permission for their territories to be used for the transfer of arms and military equipment."

UK media have reported that two chartered Airbus A310 cargo planes filled with GBU 28 laser-guided bombs containing depleted uranium (DU) warheads and destined for the Israeli airforce landed at Prestwick airport, near Glasgow. The planes landed for refuelling and crew rests after flying from the US this past weekend. Other reports claimed that the USA has requested that two more planes be permitted to land in the UK en route to Israel in the next two weeks. The reports said the aircraft will be carrying other weapons, including bombs and missiles.

"The UK government should refuse permission for its sea and air ports to be used by planes or ships carrying arms and military equipment destined for Israel or Hizbullah," said Ms Khan as Amnesty International wrote to the UK's Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett. The organization also called on the UK to suspend the sale or transfer of all arms and military equipment to Israel.

"It is ridiculous to talk about providing humanitarian aid on the one hand, and to provide arms on the other. In the face of such human suffering in Lebanon and Israel, it is imperative that all governments stop the supply of arms and weapons to both sides immediately," stated Ms Khan.

Blair accepts internship at Whitehouse

Tony Blair has accepted an internship at the Whitehouse following in the footsteps of such people as Monica Lewinski and others. As the relationship between Bush and Blair has blossomed into an informal "Yo Blair" attitude it is thought likely that Blair will also be "getting down" with the President shortly.

Rice to go back to US, makes no difference anyway...

She says she decided to postpone talks in Lebanon. She must have missed the bit when the Lebanese Prime Minister said "On this sad morning, there is no room to discuss anything except an unconditional ceasefire, and to establish an international inquiry committee to investigate the massacres the Israelis carried out in Lebanon." Or maybe she misunderstood when "official sources in Lebanon informed US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who is staying in the region, that he (Lebanese Prime Minister) would not be able to meet with her until a ceasefire is achieved."

Maybe she also missed the bit when the Lebanese people were calling for the closure of the US Embassy in Beirut.

She truly is dilusional or utterly arrogant!

WFP cancels Lebanon''s aid convoy due to Israeli rejection -- statement

Wait a minute, didn't the Israelis say it was Hizbullah that was blocking the aid? They must have been joking again, they are a funny lot! They have lot's of these jokes stored away just for such an occassion. By anyone else's standards they ae a bunch of damn liars but let's give them the benefit of the doubt just for a moment...... OK, that's long enough... they are back to being liars again.

PPL-LEBANON-ISRAEL-WFP WFP cancels Lebanon's aid convoy due to Israeli rejection -- statement
ROME, July 30 (KUNA) -- World Food Program (WFP) canceled a humanitarian aid convoy which was to be presented to homeless and displaced Lebanese, because the Israeli army refused to let it pass through, said a WFP statement on Sunday.WFP canceled the convoy destined to the Lebanese town of Marjoyoun after the Israeli army; which is intensifying its military operations in southern Lebanon, refused to let them to pass, the statement added.The statement expressed WFP's objection and frustration of the Israeli action, saying that "tens of thousands of Lebanese were in desperate need for these essential food supplies." More than 500,000 displaced Lebanese face increasing difficulties in acquiring food supplies due to the destruction of roads and bridges by the Israeli army, which makes it hard for aid to reach them.

Qana Massacre Pictures - Do You Have Kids?

Robert Fisk: I have to say - from my eyrie only three miles from the Israeli border - that the compliant, gutless, shameful refusal of Bush, Rice and Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara to bring this bloodbath to an end sentenced many hundreds of innocent Lebanese to death. As I write this near the village of Blat, which has its own little list of civilian dead, it's quite clear that many more innocent Lebanese are being prepared for the slaughter - and will indeed die in the coming days Link

US: Israel OK's 48-Hr Halt Of Aerial Operations Over S Lebanon

What this report really says is that Israel intends to carry on but will blame anything else in the next 48-hours on someone else, sound familiar?

AP - Israel agreed to a 48-hour suspension of aerial activity over southern Lebanon after its heart-wrenching bombing of a Lebanese village on Sunday that killed a number of children.

The attack marred Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's week-long mission to halt the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah.

The suspension of overflights was announced by State Department spokesman Adam Ereli. He said Israel has reserved the right to attack targets if it learns that attacks are being prepared against them.

"The United States welcomes this decision and hopes that it will help relieve the suffering of the children and families of southern Lebanon," Ereli told reporters traveling with Rice.

"Hitting children to bring the fighters to their knees"

Independent - Dozens of children were feared dead today after Israeli missiles struck the southern Lebanese village of Qana, flattening houses on top of sleeping residents. Reports said that about 50 adults and children had died.

The Israeli army said missiles had been fired from the area before the 1am air strike in which a three-story building took a direct hit.Rescuers aided by villagers were digging by hand to look for casualties."We want this to stop," shouted villager Mohammed Ismail. " May God have mercy on the children.

They came here to escape the fighting.""They are hitting children to bring the fighters to their knees," said the black-haired man with a gray beard, his brown pants covered in dust.. Read more

UN HQ in Beirut Feel the HEAT

Protestors having had enough of US sponsored Israeli genocide vented their anger at the UN HQ in Beirut. Hundred's of Hizbullah, Amal and other group supporters borke through the external security to attack the building demanding the removal of the US Ambassador and closure of the Embassy in Beirut. About time too!!!

Lebanon Stand Strong!!

All our prayers are with you Lebanon, your people, your resistance and your government.

The crusader has come and shown his face
a face of two sides with one objective
They care not for the suffering, the death and destruction,
do not fear them, they humiliate only themselves.
They care not for Muslims or Christians in Lebanon
they call themsleves Christain so how can this be?
They care only for the path of the Zionist and their new Middle East
so let us give them a NEW MIDDLE EAST
and a lesson never to forget.

Let this be the end of the days of US dictation
Let this be the end of Israeli intimidation
Look at their army, their strength and their might
Humiliated by the faith that they seek to destroy
Let this be the end of their new Middle East
Let this be the beggining or our NEW MIDDLE EAST.

Reuters - Lebanon's Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said on Sunday he would not hold any talks on resolving the latest Middle East crisis before an immediate ceasefire after Israeli bombing killed at least 40 civilians in south Lebanon.
Minutes later Lebanese officials said Lebanon had told U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that it could not meet with her before a ceasefire ends the 19-day-old Israeli offensive.
"There is no place on this sad morning for any discussion other than an immediate and unconditional ceasefire as well as an international investigation into the Israeli massacres in Lebanon now," Siniora told a news conference in Beirut.
Siniora called for unity "in the face of the Israeli war criminals".
"The persistence of Israel in its heinous crimes against our civilians will not break the will of the Lebanese people," he said.


Almost a repeat of an attack in 1996 that killed over 100 civilians in Qana, Israel has again shown it's true colours killing over 50 civilians, almost ALL women and children in Qana, S.Lebanon. The Israelis say they were targetting rocket launchers, so tell us Israel where is the lovely video of this attack? You are so keen to show it when you hit bridges and roads, so where is it?

Where are the pieces of these rocket launchers amongst the rubble of Qana, we see nothing but broken buildings and dead children. Where are the dead Hizbullah fighters amogst the victims?

Oh, I guess somehow in the middle of the night Hizbullah got up, cleared all their dead, took every minute part of their 'rocket launchers' that you 'targeted' and disappeared into the night like some cosmic ghostly force, right? So where is the video? Don't you have reconnaissance planes "watching Hizbullah all over South Lebanon"? Or that just another of your Zionist lies?

This will not break Lebanon, the Arab World or the Muslim world I promise you. This will do nothing but make them all stronger and bring the fight to your doorstep where ever you may be.

But then this is just what you want isn't it! Playing the eternal victim seems to be a feature of your life whilst your military power, once feared but now humiliated, kills the innocent. Now presented with a true opponent (Hizbullah) see how they run. Entire divisions stopped in their tracks by the faith of Hizbullah!

1996 Massacre in Qana:

This is what US taxes pay for!!!!

Dear Condeleza Rice

Dear Condeleza,

Please send 50 less blankets to Lebanon as we have at least 50 less people including many children to cater for today in Qana thanks to you. In Ireland they used to talk about the IRA's "bullets & ballot box" campaign, I guess this is your "bombs & blankets" campaign.

The Lebanese do not want your aid while you arm Israel, take back your blankets and give them to the homeless sleeping on your own streets, none of it is wanted here!


The Massacre Continues with US Support

Who are the real terrorists? The ones fighting for in defence of their country of those with precision weapons killing civilians? Or is it those who support this terror state with weapons? Or is it those who stand back taking no action?

What about the impotent Lebanese government, where the hell are you are your army while your people are dying in their hundreds? What are you doing when the bombs are falling?

Their is no point being disgusted with the US or Israel. They have shown their true light time and time again with their killing of civilians, torture and humilation of entire nations. Let them only know that what goes around comes around! Your time is coming I promise you!
Reuters - An Israeli air strike on a south Lebanon village on Sunday killed at least 35 civilians, including 21 children, witnesses and rescue workers said. They said several houses in the village of Qana collapsed and that a three-storey building where about 100 civilians were sheltering was partially destroyed.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why Hezbollah is Winning

Why Hezbollah is winning
by Donald Sensing at July 28, 2006 01:40 PM
Before Israel launched its ground campaign, retired US Army Lt. Col. and syndicated columnist Ralph Peters said that Israel is losing. His essay happened to reinforce my own observation that Israel was carrying out a spasm, not a strategy. Nothing I have learned about Israel's conduct of the war so far causes me to change my mind.
Israel's leading figures said two weeks ago, at the start of the air campaign, that the destruction of Hezbollah's military threat was Israel's objective. As Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres said, "the problem is in the air," the capability of Hezbollah to continue launching rockets into Israel at will. Remember that the 1,400-plus Hezbollah has let fly at Israel in the last 15 days were new in intensity but not in experience. Hezbollah has been launching rockets into Israel practically since Israel vacated southern Lebanon in 2000.Yesterday Israel announced it wanted to establish a two-kilometer-wide, Hezbollah-free zone, which does not much solve the problem in the air since Hezbollah has rockets ranging out to 20 kilometers and probably farther. Today the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert decided not to expand the ground offensive. Subsequent reports indicate that the IDF will not penetrate farther into Lebanon without much more extensive aerial bombing than planned. This twist may doubtless signals an intensification of the air war since,
Israel's Justice minister said world leaders, in failing to call for an immediate cease-fire during a Rome summit, gave Israel a green light to push harder to wipe out the Lebanese guerrillas.
EU foreign ministries insist the conference's result is no such thing. Israel has just shrugged them off. Last night, mere hours after the Israeli cabinet rejected sending more ground combat into Lebanon, news reports from southern Lebanon said that Israeli air strikes have much intensified. But absent a more powerful ground campaign, more bombing will not gain victory for Israel or do much more than make the rubble bounce.
Israel's armed forces have not fought a conventional war of integrated air-ground operations in more than 20 years. Prime Minister Olmert's government, including the defense ministry, is not a war experienced government. (The bio of Olmert's defense minister, Amir Peretz, does not inspire confidence.) This lack of experience is found right on down to the troop level, where pretty much no one from private through captain has combat experience, and relatively few senior officers have experience in large-scale operations. It's no wonder that the fog of war encloses them more densely compared to Israel's earlier governments and armed forces.
Please read the rest at

Israel Harvests Death in the Fields of Lebanon

Israel Harvests Death in the Fields of Lebanon

By Genevieve Cora Fraser

A spider’s web
Of electrical lines
Hovers over deserted
Streets awash in drifting
Dirt and rubble dust
A child’s blackened
Body sleeps in eternal
Peace Israel uses death
To pacify children
Cleansing cities
And villages of life
Apartments sheared
Expose rooms tilting
Down spilled contents
Chairs, tables, books
Beds tumble in a slide
Downward crash
Against the pavement
Cushioned by roof tops
At the bottom of the pile
Ghostly clouds billow
Brown against a patch
Of blue the weather
Of war is predictably
Bleak a growing season
For martyrs sprouting
From the rubble hands
Feet, a leg, an arm
A new crop of death
Watered in blood
Emerges as a blanket
Of bombardment
Spreads across Southern
Lebanon covered
By the tissue of lies
America fabricates
To protect her most
Precious Partner
In war crimes
From taking
The heat

Hezbollah - The "hiding among civilians" myth

(At last someone is reporting what I have always bneen sayign was true!)

Hezbollah - The "hiding among civilians" myth
SalonIsrael claims it's justified in bombing civilians because Hezbollah mingles with them. In fact, the militant group doesn't trust its civilians and stays as far away from them as possible.By Mitch ProtheroThe bombs came just as night fell, around 7 p.m. The locals knew that the 10-story apartment building had been the office, and possibly the residence, of Sheik Tawouk, the Hezbollah commander for the south, so they had moved their families out at the start of the war. The landlord had refused to rent to Hezbollah when they requested the top floors of the building. No matter, the locals said, the Hezb guys just moved in anyway in the name of the "resistance."Everyone knew that the building would be hit eventually. Its location in downtown Tyre, which had yet to be hit by Israeli airstrikes, was not going to protect it forever. And "everyone" apparently included Sheik Tawouk, because he wasn't anywhere near it when it was finally hit.Two guided bombs struck it in a huge flash bang of fire and concrete dust followed by the roar of 10 stories pancaking on top of each other, local residents said. Jihad Husseini, 46, runs the driving school a block away and was sitting in his office when the bombs struck. He said his life was saved because he had drawn the heavy cloth curtains shut on the windows facing the street, preventing him from being hit by a wave of shattered glass. But even so, a chunk of smoldering steel flew through the air, broke through the window and the curtain, and shot past his head and through the wall before coming to rest in his neighbor's home.But Jihad still refuses to leave."Everything is broken, but I can make it better," he says, surrounded by his sons Raed, 20, and Mohammed, 12. "I will not leave. This place is not military, it is not Hezbollah; it was an empty apartment."Throughout this now 16-day-old war, Israeli planes high above civilian areas make decisions on what to bomb. They send huge bombs capable of killing things for hundreds of meters around their targets, and then blame the inevitable civilian deaths -- the Lebanese government says 600 civilians have been killed so far -- on "terrorists" who callously use the civilian infrastructure for protection.But this claim is almost always false. My own reporting and that of other journalists reveals that in fact Hezbollah fighters -- as opposed to the much more numerous Hezbollah political members, and the vastly more numerous Hezbollah sympathizers -- avoid civilians. Much smarter and better trained than the PLO and Hamas fighters, they know that if they mingle with civilians, they will sooner or later be betrayed by collaborators -- as so many Palestinian militants have been.For their part, the Israelis seem to think that if they keep pounding civilians, they'll get some fighters, too. The almost nightly airstrikes on the southern suburbs of Beirut could be seen as making some sense, as the Israelis appear convinced there are command and control bunkers underneath the continually smoldering rubble. There were some civilian casualties the first few nights in places like Haret Hreik, but people quickly left the area to the Hezbollah fighters with their radios and motorbikes.But other attacks seem gratuitous, fishing expeditions, or simply intended to punish anything and anyone even vaguely connected to Hezbollah. Lighthouses, grain elevators, milk factories, bridges in the north used by refugees, apartment buildings partially occupied by members of Hezbollah's political wing -- all have been reduced to rubble.In the south, where Shiites dominate, just about everyone supports Hezbollah. Does mere support for Hezbollah, or even participation in Hezbollah activities, mean your house and family are fair game? Do you need to fire rockets from your front yard? Or is it enough to be a political activist?The Israelis are consistent: They bomb everyone and everything remotely associated with Hezbollah, including noncombatants. In effect, that means punishing Lebanon. The nation is 40 percent Shiite, and of that 40 percent, tens of thousands are employed by Hezbollah's social services, political operations, schools, and other nonmilitary functions. The "terrorist" organization Hezbollah is Lebanon's second-biggest employer.People throw the phrase "ghost town" around a lot, but Nabatiya, a bombed-out town about 15 miles from the Lebanon-Israel border, deserves it. One expects the spirits of the town's dead, or its refugees, to silently glide out onto its abandoned streets from the ruined buildings that make up much of the town.Not all of the buildings show bomb damage, but those that don't have metal shutters blown out as if by a terrible wind. And there are no people at all, except for the occasional Hezbollah scout on a motorbike armed only with a two-way radio, keeping an eye on things as Israeli jets and unmanned drones circle overhead.Overlooking the outskirts of this town, which has a peacetime population of 100,000 or so -- mostly Shiite supporters of Hezbollah and its more secular rival Amal -- is the Ragheh Hareb Hospital, a facility that makes quite clear what side the residents of Nabatiya are on in this conflict.The hospital's carefully sculpted and trimmed front lawn contains the giant Red Crescent that denotes the Muslim version of the Red Cross. As we approach it, an Israeli missile streaks by, smashing into a school on the opposite hilltop. As we crouch and then run for the shelter of the hospital awning, that giant crescent reassures me until I look at the flagpole. The Lebanese flag and its cedar tree is there -- right next to the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran.It's safe to say that Ragheh Hareb Hospital has an association with Hezbollah. And the staff sports the trimmed beards and polite, if somewhat ominous, manner of the group. After young men demand press IDs and do some quick questioning, they allow us to enter.Dr. Ahmed Tahir recognizes me from a funeral in the nearby village of Dweir. An Israeli bomb dropped on their house killed a Hezbollah cleric and 11 members of his immediate family, mostly children. People in Lebanon are calling it a war crime. Tahir looks exhausted, and our talk is even more tense than the last time."Maybe it would be best if the Israelis bombed your car on the road here," he said, with a sharp edge. "If you were killed, maybe the public outcry would be so bad in America that the Jews would be forced to stop these attacks."When I volunteered that the Bush administration cared little for journalists, let alone ones who reported from Hezbollah territory, he shrugged. "Maybe if it was an American bomb used by the Israelis that killed an American journalist, they would stop this horror," he said.The handful of people in the town include some from Hezbollah's political wing, as well as volunteers keeping an eye on things while the residents are gone. Off to the side, as we watch the Israelis pummel ridgelines on the outskirts of town, one of the political operatives explains that the fighters never come near the town, reinforcing what other Hezbollah people have told me over the years.Although Israel targets apartments and offices because they are considered "Hezbollah" installations, the group has a clear policy of keeping its fighters away from civilians as much as possible. This is not for humanitarian reasons -- they did, after all, take over an apartment building against the protests of the landlord, knowing full well it would be bombed -- but for military ones."You can be a member of Hezbollah your entire life and never see a military wing fighter with a weapon," a Lebanese military intelligence official, now retired, once told me. "They do not come out with their masks off and never operate around people if they can avoid it. They're completely afraid of collaborators. They know this is what breaks the Palestinians -- no discipline and too much showing off."Perhaps once a year, Hezbollah will hold a military parade in the south, in which its weapons and fighters appear. Media access to these parades is tightly limited and controlled. Unlike the fighters in the half dozen other countries where I have covered insurgencies, Hezbollah fighters do not like to show off for the cameras. In Iraq, with some risk taking, you can meet with and even watch the resistance guys in action. (At least you could during my last time there.) In Afghanistan, you can lunch with Taliban fighters if you're willing to walk a day or so in the mountains. In Gaza and the West Bank, the Fatah or Hamas fighter is almost ubiquitous with his mask, gun and sloganeering to convince the Western journalist of the justice of his cause.The Hezbollah guys, on the other hand, know that letting their fighters near outsiders of any kind -- journalists or Lebanese, even Hezbollah supporters -- is stupid. In three trips over the last week to the south, where I came near enough to the fighting to hear Israeli artillery, and not just airstrikes, I saw exactly no fighters. Guys with radios with the look of Hezbollah always found me. But no fighters on corners, no invitations to watch them shoot rockets at the Zionist enemy, nothing that can be used to track them.Even before the war, on many of my trips to the south, the Lebanese army, or the ubiquitous guy on a motorbike with a radio, would halt my trip and send me over to Tyre to get permission from a Hezbollah official before I could proceed, usually with strict limits on where I could go.Every other journalist I know who has covered Hezbollah has had the same experience. A fellow journalist, a Lebanese who has covered them for two decades, knows only one military guy who will admit it, and he never talks or grants interviews. All he will say is, "I'll be gone for a few months for training. I'll call when I'm back." Presumably his friends and neighbors may suspect something, but no one says anything.Hezbollah's political members say they have little or no access to the workings of the fighters. This seems to be largely true: While they obviously hear and know more than the outside world, the firewall is strong.Israel, however, has chosen to treat the political members of Hezbollah as if they were fighters. And by targeting the civilian wing of the group, which supplies much of the humanitarian aid and social protection for the poorest people in the south, they are targeting civilians.Earlier in the week, I stood next to a giant crater that had smashed through the highway between Tyre and Sidon -- the only route of escape for most of the people in the far south. Overhead, Israeli fighters and drones circled above the city and its outlying areas and regular blasts of bombs and naval artillery could be heard.The crater served as a nice place to check up on the refugees, who were forced by the crater to slow down long enough to be asked questions. They barely stopped, their faces wrenched in near panic. The main wave of refugees out of the south had come the previous two days, so these were the hard-luck cases, the people who had been really close to the fighting and who needed two days just to get to Tyre, or who had had to make the tough decision whether to flee or stay put, with neither choice looking good.The roads in the south are full of the cars of people who chose wrong -- burned-out chassis, broken glass, some cars driven straight into posts or ditches. Other seem to have broken down or run out of gas on the long dirt detours around the blown-out highway and bridge network the Israeli air force had spent days methodically destroying even as it warned people to flee.One man, slowing his car around the crater, almost screams, "There is nothing left. This country is not for us." His brief pause immediately draws horns and impatient yells from the people in the cars behind him. They pass the crater but within two minutes a large explosion behind us, north, in the direction of Sidon, rocks us.As we drive south toward Tyre, we soon pass a new series of scars on the highway: shrapnel, hubcaps and broken glass. A car that had been maybe five minutes ahead of us was hit by an Israeli shell. Three of its passengers were wounded, and it was heading north to the Hammound hospital at Sidon. We turned around because of the attack and followed the car to Sidon. Those unhurt staked out the parking lot of the hospital, looking for the Western journalists they were convinced had called in the strike. Luckily my Iraqi fixer smelled trouble and we got out of there. Probably nothing would have happened -- mostly they were just freaked-out country people who didn't like the coincidence of an Israeli attack and a car full of journalists driving past.So the analysts talking on cable news about Hezbollah "hiding within the civilian population" clearly have spent little time if any in the south Lebanon war zone and don't know what they're talking about. Hezbollah doesn't trust the civilian population and has worked very hard to evacuate as much of it as possible from the battlefield. And this is why they fight so well -- with no one to spy on them, they have lots of chances to take the Israel Defense Forces by surprise, as they have by continuing to fire rockets and punish every Israeli ground incursion.And the civilians? They see themselves as targeted regardless of their affiliation. They are enraged at Israel and at the United States, the only two countries on earth not calling for an immediate cease-fire. Lebanese of all persuasions think the United States and Israel believe that Lebanese lives are cheaper than Israeli ones. And many are now saying that they want to fight.

Hezbollah says its fighters force Israelis to retreat

The Lebanese Islamic Resistance, military wing of Hezbollah, said on Friday that its fighters launched a ground attack on Israeli troops positioned around the border town of Bin Jubail and forced them to retreat toward the border.

(Well at least thet still have their concelation prize - the old flag, see previous posts)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hizbullah Victory

Regardless of the end result the victory is with Hizbullah already!
They have done more damage to Israel than any Arab force in history and have multiplied their suport ten-fold (if not more) across the region and across sectarian divisions.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israel get a bloody nose...

They went into Lebanon and all they got was this old flag!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ireland: Warned Israel Of UN Outpost; Doubts Was Accident

Just to be sure it is not a UN force that gets put forward as a proposed force for South Lebanon Israel plays the 'oh sorry it was an accident' card with the UN once again. This is not the first time and even at the time of writing it is still going on with other UN related posts (LARGE WHITE WELL MARKED COMPLEXES THAT EVERYONE KNOWS!) are still coming under fire from Israel.

Ireland: Warned Israel Of UN Outpost; Doubts Was Accident
DUBLIN (AP)--Ireland Wednesday filed an official protest with Israel alleging its senior U.N. peacekeeper in Lebanon made six telephoned warnings about Israeli shelling near a U.N. border outpost - hours before it suffered a direct hit and the four soldiers inside were killed.
Speaking after a 40-minute meeting with Israeli Ambassador Daniel Megiddo, two senior Cabinet ministers said they doubted Israel's claim the attack was accidental.
Megiddo said his government would do all it could to avoid hitting U.N. positions. "You can't forget, however, that this is a war zone," he told reporters outside the Department of Foreign Affairs, where he had been summoned.
Defense Minister Willie O'Dea and Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern said what the ambassador told them wasn't credible.
"The ambassador said it was a war situation. We don't regard that as sufficient explanation and we are asking him to convey that in no uncertain terms to his government," O'Dea said.
"All the evidence we have at the moment would suggest that this was either an incredible accident - despite all of the repeated warnings from our people - or else the observation post was in some way directly targeted," Ahern said.
The foreign minister said Israeli troops also fired on Egyptian U.N. soldiers who had been sent to the demolished post to dig out the bodies of the four soldiers from Austria, Canada, China and Finland. He said this was "extremely disquieting and raises questions about whether this was an accident or not at all."
O'Dea said he spoke by phone Wednesday morning with Lt. Col. John Molloy, the senior Irish officer in the U.N.' UNIFIL peacekeeping force in south Lebanon and a main liaison with the Israeli Defense Forces. Molloy also spoke to the commander of Ireland's army, Lt. Gen. Jim Sreenan.
O'Dea's spokeswoman, Suzanne Coogan, said Molloy had reported making six telephone calls to his Israeli counterparts in the hours before the deadly strike on the border outpost. She said all six calls specifically identified the U.N. post that was ultimately destroyed.
"He warned the Israelis that they were shelling in very close proximity to the post, and his warnings were very specific, explicit, detailed and stark. Obviously those warnings went unheeded," Coogan said.
Coogan added that an Irish soldier, one of 17 currently assigned to U.N. duties in southern Lebanon, was in the targeted post Sunday night and Monday morning. She noted 47 Irish soldiers were killed in Lebanon from 1978 to 2001, when the Irish contributed a battalion of troops to UNIFIL.
Separately, an initial U.N. report Wednesday said its personnel made 10 warning calls in total before the attack.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Disarmed Hezbollah acceptable to Israel

Talk about stating the obvious! WHat this realy says is yes, ISrael is willing to to live in peace with all it's neighbours so long as none of them can ever match it's military power and brutality and are willing to live under constant threat without standing up against them.

How on earth do people beleive this stuff? It's like believing that Israel withdrew from Lebanon... yeah sure, and Israeli warplanes flying over Lebanon almist daily for the past 6 six is not considered illegal, oh sorry, the UN does complain to the Israeli's about it but who listens to the UN any more.

Well it seems Lebanon, Iran, N. Korea, Iraq have to but Israel as usual does not, not so long as it's little brother the US, whose people pay for this state, continue their support.

Look at the US, rampant crime, lack of funds for all sorts of domestic programs inclduing THEIR OWN HEALTH yet they continue to pour money into the cancerous state of Israel! US nationals end up paying intax dollars and blood when the repucussions of their government's failed alignment with Israel are taken by militants as excuse to act against them.

But then these are just US civilians, Bush Inc are never living or working out there is the world at risk!

Messages from the war

The true messages from this war are obvious to anyone with the selp-respect to look for the truth and not rely on those that lie to them consistently (leaders & media):

To the Lebanese: you have no ally in the US but have again been used by the US to tame an enemy of Israel (Hizbullah). They are willing to leave these Israelis to kill you but will still demand reform from you, you have been used! Look at them urgenntly resupply the very same bombs that are dropping on your heads and at the same time call for the unity of your government. Who do you really think they support!!

Hizbullah: The US and Israel seek to replace your influence in the south through international force, implanting their ideals and Israeli spies (as they have in Iraq & Afghanistan) so as to weaken you. Don't let them! You are the last ounce of strength in the Arab world. They fear you more than the rest of the region put together and no of no way to deal with other than terrorising civilians and killing as they have the Palestinians.

Arabs: You are meaningless to the western world and will be used, abused and humiliated at will by the US and Israel.

Israel: Do what you want, when you want, to who you want. Kill as many as you like, destory as much as you feel you can. The US will always support you. And don't worry, the US will fund you, arm you and encourage you and when the region reacts and militants take revenge it will be US nationals who pay the price. Risk to you is therefore - Nil!

Arab League closer to calling emergency summit

Why do these Arab Leaders keep humuliating themselves and the Arab World with the endless childish arguments and indecision? Maybe they would be better of not meeting at all or gettind rid of those rich-boy clowns that continiously go against popular sentiment in the region in favour of their sponsors elsewhere!

Fourteen Arab governments have backed a call for an emergency summit on violence between Israel and Hezbollah and the Palestinians, but the Arab League remained one vote shy of a two-thirds majority needed to convene a meeting.
A senior Arab League official said on Sunday that Somalia, Mauritania, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and the Comoros Islands had joined seven other Arab League members to support a Yemeni proposal for a summit.
At least 15 governments in the 22-member Arab League must agree before a summit can go ahead, but more could do so in the days to come. Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Lebanon, Djibouti, Sudan and the Palestinians had signed on earlier.
“Consultations have been ongoing for the past couple of days,” said Hesham Youssef, a senior aide to Secretary-General Amr Moussa. “A number of countries are waiting to see how things develop in Lebanon.”
As Arab diplomats worked to persuade more governments to join the summit call, Israel bombed Hezbollah’s stronghold in Beirut and civilian targets in east and south Lebanon on Sunday and Hezbollah fired rockets at Haifa.
Israel’s 12-day-old onslaught in Lebanon to cripple Hezbollah has claimed 359 lives, mostly civilians. Hezbollah attacks and rockets have also killed 37 Israelis. Syria, the only Arab government that openly supports militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah, has said its position depended on the aim of the summit. Damascus wants it to support Lebanese and Palestinian guerrillas.
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has said Arab countries must agree on the main points before the leaders meet.Arab foreign ministers held an emergency meeting in Cairo earlier in July on the violence and called for a ceasefire.
Only Saudi Arabia has criticised Hezbollah directly, referring to its military operation at the Lebanese border to seize two Israeli soldiers as an ill-considered adventure. That attack prompted Israel to launch its offensive.
But in private, other Arab governments friendly with the United States consider the Hezbollah operation a mistake, diplomats say.

Dear Lebanon, please sit quietly while we kill you: UN.

Can you beleive that anyone would ask the army of a soverign nation to sit back while their country is being bombed, civilians killed in large numbers and their infrastructure destroyed!

Have a read of the latest in the series of unbelievable warnings to Lebanon:

UN special representative for the implementation of resolution 1559 Terjie Roed-Larsen on Friday warned the Lebanese government not to enter the conflict against the Israeli troops in south Lebanon."If indeed the Lebanese army is suspected of starting fighting the Israeli forces, that would represent a very dangerous escalation of the conflict. We urge the Lebanese government to think twice" before doing it, otherwise it "will be in jeopardy," Larsen told a press conference.Prime Minister Fuad Seniora "is under great pressure and if the situation continues and escalates, the government will collapse. This would be a tragedy for Lebanon," he warned."It is incredibly urgent now to establish political ramification that would lead to a ceasefire as a basis for producing new political parameters in Lebanon which can sustain the ceasefire," Larsen said, adding that "we cannot rule out that this conflict may deepen." On the UN political deal and the American one to be carried by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the region later this week, Larsen said "we see eye to eye on the basis elements of any action plan," adding that It is too early to go into the details. On the suggested peacekeeping force, he said, "it is too early to say how it would look like, but everybody agrees that UNIFIL needs to be fundamentally re-organized, re-configured if it is going to continue," adding that all other options remain on the table," A UN official said Larsen, along with the other members of the team which visited the region last week, negotiated with Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, through a mediator while in Beirut.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A picture paints a thousand words.


The Palestinians under US pressure achieve democracy: Reward – cripling economic sanctions and increased military action against them.

Lebanese under US pressure remove Syria and have new governemt: Reward – US stabs them in the back and supports Israel in bombing civilian targets (infact rushes to resupply the every same bombs!)

The questions is, who is next? Which will be the next country ‘rewarded’ by US policy?

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

No wonder Bush Inc. don't want an early end to the conflict, they already have orders for more bombs... supply and demand is key I suppose, lives comes a dim second:

Israel is running out of bunker buster bombs, having expended several tons in Lebanon. The United States is pitching in with a new shipment.
The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel, which requested the expedited shipment last week after beginning its air campaign against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, American officials said Friday. The decision to quickly ship the weapons to Israel was made with relatively little debate within the Bush administration, the officials said. Its disclosure threatens to anger Arab governments and others because of the appearance that the United States is actively aiding the Israeli bombing campaign in a way that could be compared to Iran’s efforts to arm and resupply Hezbollah.
The munitions that the United States is sending to Israel are part of a multimillion-dollar arms sale package approved last year that Israel is able to draw on as needed, the officials said. But Israel’s request for expedited delivery of the satellite and laser-guided bombs was described as unusual by some military officers, and as an indication that Israel still had a long list of targets in Lebanon to strike.
One American official said the shipment should not be compared to the kind of an “emergency resupply” of dwindling Israeli stockpiles that was provided during the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, when an American military airlift helped Israel recover from early Arab victories.
Pentagon and military officials declined to describe in detail the size and contents of the shipment to Israel, and they would not say whether the munitions were being shipped by cargo aircraft or some other means. But an arms-sale package approved last year provides authority for Israel to purchase from the United States as many as 100 GBU-28’s, which are 5,000-pound laser-guided bombs intended to destroy concrete bunkers. The package also provides for selling satellite-guided munitions. An announcement in 2005 that Israel was eligible to buy the “bunker buster” weapons described the GBU-28 as “a special weapon that was developed for penetrating hardened command centers located deep underground.” The document added, “The Israeli Air Force will use these GBU-28’s on their F-15 aircraft.”
This continues the administration’s strategy of clearly picking sides in this conflict, which is in marked contrast to American policy over the last 30-odd years of at least attempting to play the role of neutral arbiter. Given how spectacularly unsuccessful that proved to be–both in terms of convincing the Arabs we weren’t backing the Israelis and at achieving lasting peace–maybe a new strategy is called for.

Blind Support of War Crimes

Watching the news on Lebanon on Arabic and English media you would really think you are seeing two different wars. The variation on reporting is enormous with the truth well obscured from western viewers, the truth being that vast numbers of civilians have been killed, and vast areas of their cities, town and villages destroyed in one of the most blatant state uses of military force since the Balkans.

The difference this time is that the US supports the destruction of these civilian areas through it’s ally Israel. Let’s be honest, that is no surprise. What surprises me is that the Lebanese government actually thought that IT had an ally in the US! I guess they did until they managed to remove the Syrians from Lebanon but then they became a spent force, their usable life cycle was over and now they are on the receiving end of the US’s ONLY TRUE ally in the region. The US will have no hesitation whatsoever in turning it’s back on any ally to support Israel and that is what the Middle East and other nations, if not the whole world needs to wake up to!

The aim? New order, the submission of Arab states (already achieved), the reduction / total destruction of any key opponent to Israel (Iraq, Palestinians, Hizbullah etc) is already under way and despite the genocide nature of the Israeli campaign it meets with support in the US and total inaction elsewhere.

The consequences are obvious regardless of who ‘wins’. There will be increased support for resistance and militant groups in the region and the only ‘targets’ out there with the exception of a few Israeli interests in Jordan and Egypt will again be the US and it’s nationals. US citizens will again pay in blood (and more of their tax dollars) for their government’s blind support of Israel.