Thursday, August 31, 2006

Galloway says Israel poisoning West-Islam ties

At least someone speaks the truth!! Now watch how he gets attacked for being man enough to stand up and say it!

(Reuters) - Maverick politician George Galloway urged Western governments on Thursday to reduce tensions with the Muslim world by pressuring Israel to withdraw from Arab land in the wake of its invasion of southern Lebanon. Galloway said Israel's 39-year occupation of swathes of Arab territory had spurred militants to attack the West.

"The poison which circulates as a result of this unresolved conflict is poisoning our own lives in the West and making our people more endangered," Galloway told a news conference at the end of a visit to Lebanon and Syria.

A critic of Prime Minister Tony Blair, Galloway was expelled from the Labour Party for his outspoken opposition to the Iraq war. Last year he became a member of parliament for the anti-war Respect party. Read More: Link

Western Paranoia

Seems the west is going mad. People thrown of planes for speaking Arabic and checking their watches, a pilot removed from a flight because he was Muslim and looked Pakistani.... what next?

It seems that Bush Inc and Blair Enterprises have it right, rule by fear and the people will keep clinging to the madness they are med daily through the media...

But isn't that the same sort of policy the world's worst dictators have had through history? Yet these two call themselves leaders of the free world, more like crusading idiots on a glory ride!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chavez of Arabia?

Billions of dollars spent, tens of thousands of lives lost, hundreds of hours of televised speeches and press conferences, extensive diplomatic efforts, political and military plans, years in Iraq, and much more.

None of this helped the US to achieve its president's announced goal of "winning the hearts and minds of the Arab people". Instead, George Bush seems to have lost the hearts and minds of many who had been supportive of US plans for the Middle East.

Someone else in the Americas seems to have the secret formula for achieving that goal; much more quickly and cheaply.

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, found himself at the centre of Middle Eastern politics when he announced that he was withdrawing his most senior diplomat from Israel, the Venezuelan charge d'affaires in Tel Aviv. Not for something Israel did to his country, but for what it does to Palestinians and Lebanese thousands of miles away.

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Comment: This guy knows what it feel like to be at the angry end of US policy as they have been trying to get rid of him for years. Coincidentally he is President of an oil producing country... makes you think doesn't it!... Related Link

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Study eyes influence of pro-Israel lobby

Analysts see 'disaster' in U.S. position

The authors of a hotly debated study on the influence of the pro-Israel lobby in Washington said yesterday that the Bush administration's unquestioning support for Israel's military action in Lebanon confirms their thesis that the power of the lobby hurts both U.S. and Israeli national interests.

"Backing Israel to the hilt in the recent war in Lebanon was a disaster for the Lebanese people, served none of our real strategic goals in the region and ended up hurting Israel as well," said John Mearsheimer, political scientist and co-director of the University of Chicago's international security program.

Mr. Mearsheimer and co-author Stephen M. Walt, an international affairs scholar and academic dean at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, showed no signs of backing away from their analysis of the U.S.-Israel lobby at a National Press Club briefing.

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Comment: We have already begun to hear the usual rantings and catch phrases as the "Boo Hoo Crew" (Israeli Lobby) cry out about anti-semitisim and even lower themselves further by referring to the authors 'germanic names'.... Get a life you Zionist fools!!!!!

Pronouncing Blame on the Israel Lobby

Have a read of this article in the Washington Post trying to trash and opponent of the Israeli Lobby. The writer has to stoop so low as to refer to mispronounced names or individuals and then refer to the opponents name as being 'Germanic' to gain the ammunition for his assualt, an obvious tie to that being the holocaust and the usual round of playing the victim begins again!

See how bitter these people really are. They cannot accept the slighest criticism. Why is that?

Look at anyone who knows that what they do is wrong but they do it anyway. They will never listen to reason.

Look at anyone whose greed has taken over them. They will never hear the truth.

Look at the rapist who has taken a victim. They have few regrets.

Look at Israel. It is all of the above.

Now you know why they will never accept any criticism.

"Every Generation of Arabs Hates Israel More Than the Last"

In his latest speech, which infuriated so many people, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad uttered a sentence that deserves attention: "Every new Arab generation hates Israel more than the previous one." Of all that has been said about the Second Lebanon War, these are perhaps the most important words.

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State Department Surprised by Nasrallah Statement on War

Is there anything that the State Department is not surprised about nowadays?

A few recent 'surprises':
  1. Islamist Politicians win seats in Bahrain
  2. Islamist Politicians win seats in Jordan
  3. Islamist Politicians win seats in Kuwait
  4. Hizbullah Politicians win seats in Lebanon
  5. Iran stands strong in nuclear issue
  6. Iraq falls apart
  7. Taliban re-emerge in Afghanistan
  8. Hamas win Palestinian Elections
  9. Hizbullah trash Israeli forces in Lebanon

Don't they know what is really happening outside of Washington and Tel Aviv?

Monday, August 28, 2006

George Galloway in Lebanon

Good old George is not mising a beat after trashing Sky News recently. He is now in Lebanon and still bashing the crusaders for them blind policies or murder in the region...

(Report) - British MP George Galloway said that Israel has been defeated in its war on Lebanon militarily on the war ground and in the political and media fields all over the world.

“Our visit to south Lebanon aims at making the world see the realities of the Israeli crimes not the lies of Israeli allegations,” Galloway said in a statement on Sunday during a visit to the Lebanese southern city of Sidon.

He added that his visit to Lebanon and Sidon is to congratulate the Lebanese resistance which has turned upside down the balances and destroyed the image of the Israeli unconquerable army.

"I came here to apologize on the role played by the British Premier Tony Blair in increasing the Israeli crimes through prolonging the suffering of the Lebanese people or in the European Union where Blair sought to prevent issuing a cease-fire resolution," the British MP said.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Israel accuses the UN of aiding Hizbullah - what next?

This story is about as realistic to the conditions in southern Lebanon as Walt Disney could try to make them! The UN, accussed of passing information to Hizbullah because they published Israeli troops movements in Lebanon on their web site and only limited information about Hizbullah...

Oh come on! See the truth people! How hard is it to spot an armoured convoy (Tanks etc) crossing the border, entering villages etc?

Compare that to spotting Hizbullah fighters hidden in the terrain, villages, where ecer they were (even Israel could not find them!).

So how could the UN possibly publish detailed movements of Hizbullah? If Israel's war and intelligence (I use that word sparingly with Israel) machine could not find Hizbullah why would they expect a UN force with limited capabilities to spot Hizbullah?

And before we get some of you bashing the UN force for their limited role please remember that it was in fact the US (& Israel) that limited their role when the force was established!

If the so called journalists that wrote that story had been watching Al Manar and other regional media they would have seen that they were reporting the movements without any 'intelligence from the UN.

So to Israel we say, get a grip on reality, stop your lies and deceit, the more you lie the more people are beginning to see right through you. And to anyone who still actually believes the rubbish we are bombarded with daily by Israel there is just nothing to say except 'get a life'!.

Read More: Link

Hypocrisy, thy name is Uncle Sam

More on the investgation into the use of cluster bombs by Israel.... a tactic the US uses without question in their equally murderous crusades.

Read More: Link


Another Bluff Report

Criminals Investigate Themselves

Israel on the Slide

In the aftermath of the Lebanon disaster you can open up the Israeli press, particularly the Hebrew language editions, and find fierce assaults on the country's elites from left, right and center.
"Chief of staff Dan Halutz, a narcissistic bully like a mini-Patton, though without the latter's tactical talents, took time off the morning he ordered the terror bombing of south Beirut to tell the Bank Leumi to sell his stock portfolio before the market plunged ­ which it soon did by nearly 10 per cent. "
"Years of racism have taken their toll too. Think of Arabs as subhuman "terrorists" and you end up making a lot of misjudgments, tactical and strategic. "
"Amid the first days of the "ceasefire" the Israeli press has been carrying reports not only about Halutz's secret stock sale, but also that prime minister Ehud Olmert may have accepted a $500,000 bribe as part of a conspiracy with a building contractor; also that Justice minister Haim Ramon has resigned to battle charges of indecent assault on a female employee at a Defense ministry party; also that Israel's President, Moshe Katsav, may face charges of rape of a female employee."
"The liberal Jewish intelligentsia here has, politically, speaking, sat on its hands for decades, mouths zipped shut, when it comes to criticizing Israel. Even more effectively than America's defense contractors they have contributed to, and indeed cheered on Israel's corrupt rejectionism. Will this war make them change their minds? I doubt it."
Comment: Living a filthy life, leading through fear and corruption will never bring you anything clean!
Read More: Link

With elections coming up in the US, the blood of Lebanese children means nothing when votes are at stake.

Keen to make the most of the Israeli Lobby's overwhelming influence over US politics some so called politicians are banking on votes over the blood of children. Tom Lantos, the ranking Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives' International Relations Committee spoke in Israel of blocking the US aid package to Lebanon until UN troops are deployed. Playing to the home crowd as politicians always do.

Why would he do such a thing? Who will benefit from this move? Only Tom Lantos, the political cronies the he follows and those that follow him.

Why block the aid? It's going to the government that the US once called a model of democracy (but then of course let their real ally bomb them for 34 days), the government that the US tells Israeli not no undermine (while they destory the entire infrasrtucture of the country), the government that the US pledges (so falsely) to support in the recovery from the war.

Lebanese children mean nothing when holes need to be punched on a slip of paper (voting slip) to keep politicians in power. Lebanese children face the same fate now as Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan children; empty promises of support and fierce reprisals when the diplomacy of US / Israeli lies unravels once again.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hizbullah vows self-restraint despite Israeli action

(Reuters) Lebanon's Hizbullah said on Saturday it would exercise self-restraint in the face of what it regards as Israeli breaches of a UN Security Council resolution which ended the war between them.

"We see how Israel is violating resolution 1701," Hizbullah deputy Secretary-General Naim Kassem said in a statement. "Despite that, we as a party have decided to exercise self-restraint during this period to expose more of the US and Israeli misdeeds."

Comment: The men have spoken! Now let us see the fools of US / Israeli diplomacy and the lies they generate respond to this. No doubt the same old catch phrases about terrorism but nothing about the murderous Israeli military occupations that killed so many in Lebanon and continues to kill hundreds in the Palestinian Territories.

Nasrallah the Grocer Freed; Is Postman Pat next on Israel's Target List?

(Reuters) Well-wishers gathered in Hassan Nasrallah's garden above the ancient Lebanese town of Baalbek yesterday, delighted to see him and four relatives back from a Kafkaesque three-week adventure in Israeli detention.

Nasrallah, a modest shopkeeper who happens to have the same name as the leader of Hezbollah, shook hands with his visitors and seated them under the trees as the family prepared a feast of grilled lamb.

The Israelis dumped them on the Lebanese border at Naqoura on Monday after 20 days, without an apology or even an explanation of what was behind their bizarre experience.

Editors Comment: Following the detention of Nasrallah the Grocer, Israeli Intelligence (if they have any) have suggested that Postman Pat may also be a Hizbullah operative. Sources close to Pat assure us he is not a member of Hizbullah but said will be taking additional security precautions including the purchase of a missile defence system in case Israeli attacks his van in the coming weeks.

Lebanese Politics (2)

I hate to say "I told you so"...... but is seems I was right about the 'new' Hariri and his band of followers, they don't deserve to have followed the name of Rafik Hariri and they do not display one single ounce of the qualities that he had!

(Report) Lebanon's Daily Star reported that an Al-Akhbar report spoke "claims that Premier Fouad Siniora and his allies from the party established by the late-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri had been trying to sideline (chairman of the Council for Development and Reconstruction) chairman Fadl Shalak and appoint a party centrist since the onset of Israeli hostilities."

The report added that Shalak admitted to differences with heads with the prime minister over the reconstruction strategy and that "the government was not handling it well."

The report said that "According to Al-Akhbar, Shalak emerged as the head of a faction within the Future Movement that criticized its mainstream leadership for steering the party away from the ideals of its founder to incite popular opposition to Hizbullah.

Shalak - and the camp of old Hariri allies - argued that the late premier would have encouraged Future to take a vocal, united stance in support of the resistance to counter Israeli attack."

Friday, August 25, 2006

Lebanese Politics

With the battle not even over, commando raids in the east of Lebanon, skirmishes around border towns almost daily and the past six years of Israeli airforce incursions over all of Lebanon still a reality many Lebanese politicians who were not seen during the conflict have re-emerged bragging and criticising as they always have.

Where is their unity now?

They now sit back in their villas, most likley built with Lebanese government money, spouting all forms of catch phrases and policy statements. They criticise Hizbullah for the war, a war that would have come anyway. Without Hizbullah where would Lebanon be?

Still under Israeli occupation that is where it would be!

And they forget that Syria bailed out Lebanon during the civil war. They forget that Syria immediately opened it's borders to Lebanon to allow the people a safe haven. What did they do for their own people?

Look at them now. Just as their 'unity' fell apart when the Syrian's left they are again looking for their own personal gain. Some have asked why Hizbullah doesn't give the money to the government to rebuild Lebanon. What a stupid question!

If the money was handed over how much would actually get to the people that need it? 10%? 15%? And how much richer would those in influential positions become? Hizbullah give the money to the people 100%.

That is the reality of Lebanese politics. That is the reality of Hizbullah and that is why they cannot be beaten.

Look at Jumblatt, Hariri (who does not deserve to follow his father), and the rest of them. Playing their 'Lebanese' tune. What a joke.

Jumblatt talks to amuse the crowd of the moment. His 'policy' is one of deceit. He says what he thinks the people he is talking to want to hear and nothing more and in the end what does he achieve? Nothing.

Hariri, the leader of the parliamentary majority. Who is this guy? His father was a statesman of the highest order and respected for it. This guy is a little boy who's recent statements seem like nothing more than the sort of drunken cursing you might find in a Lebanese nightclub. Maybe that is where he actually belongs.

Now they are all out there, queing up for their moment in the press, ready to try to discredit the people who defended them. Embarassed by the success of Hizbullah and their immediate efforts in the recovery and rebuilding they are desperately trying to make some political gain from the blood and sweat of others. Shame on you all! Where were you when the fighting was raging, your towns burning and people dying?

Ah yes... you were in Europe talking to the governments there. And what success you had? None. You are as feable in your politics as you are in your defence of the nation.

The nation, the only difference between Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories in Hizbullah. They have saved Lebanon from an enemy that Lebanon knows well. An enemy that will crush the nation into oblivion without a moments hesitation when Hizbullah is gone.

What a thought that is. Lebanese with paper travel documents, no passports, no rights, no life, no economy, no future.

Lebanese politics. What a joke!

Another Bluff Report on the way: U.S. to investigate Israeli use of cluster bombs

WASHINGTON - The State Department is investigating whether Israel's use of U.S.-made cluster bombs in southern Lebanon violated agreements with the United States that restrict when it can employ such weapons, two officials said.

The investigation by the department's Office of Defense Trade Controls began this week, after reports that three types of U.S.-made cluster munitions, anti-personnel weapons that spray bomblets over a wide area, have been found in many areas of southern Lebanon and were responsible for civilian casualties.

Gonzalo Gallegos, a State Department spokesman, said, "We have heard the allegations that these munitions were used, and we are seeking more information." He declined to comment further.

Several current and former officials said that they doubted the investigation would lead to sanctions against Israel, but that the decision to proceed with the inquiry might be intended to help the Bush administration ease criticism from Arab governments and commentators over its support of Israel's military operations. The investigation has not been publicly announced; the State Department confirmed it in response to questions.

"A congressional investigation after Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon found that Israel had used the weapons against civilian areas in violation of the agreements. In response, the Reagan administration imposed a six-year ban on further sales of cluster weapons to Israel. "
[If sanctions will not be applied this time why are they bothering to do this? Who do Bush Inc. really think they are bluffing? These US / Israeli investigations are only done to suit their objectives and their own rabid supporters.]
Read More: Link

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is anyone else out there fed up of this same old "media is anti-Israeli" story?

The same old rubbish is being spouted from the media as usual... 'Oh Boo Hoo, the media is anti-Israeli' That's a little odd don't you think when some of the most hard line Zionists actually control whole swathes of the media. Or is this just another of their misleading sob stories designed to garner sympathy for the murdering Zionist regime in Israel? Well that does make more sense!

It seems the 'Boo Hoo Crew' (Israeli Lobby) will go to any length to make themselves look like the eternal victim. What a joke that is!

Where does the rapist gain sympathy because the victim fought back? Where does the murderer get support just because his victim gave him a bloody nose?

Isreal has a very bloody history and those with the capacity to look beyond the last few weeks and two UN Resolutions will see far more of the terror policy that Israel has built itself upon.

But the Zionists have done a good job in making anything remotely negative about Israel taboo calling upon the holocaust as an excuse for their policies of genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced displacement.

Israel deserves criticism as do their blind and dumb supporters who are pouring money into this terror state despite their PROVEN track record in killing civilians just as the US now calls anyone criticising their policies a traitor or unpatriotic. What a bloody joke that is.

Both have leadership that cannot accept criticism. Both have leaders that dictate just as the worst of dictators in history have. Both follow an isolationist policy heedless of international diplomacy and law.

Both are pariah states. The media is too weak to say so! It's a pity we don't see headlines like those in 'The News' above.

Hezbollah warns Blair: you're not welcome in Beirut

TONY BLAIR’S peace mission to the Middle East appeared in jeopardy last night after Hezbollah declared that the Prime Minister would not be welcome in Lebanon because of his support for Israel during the war.

[Hardly surprising as Fluffy the Poodle (Blair) only seems to act in the interests of the US (his puppet master) nowadays. I'm surprised he's welcome in the UK any more!]

Bush's field theory of fear

(Sidney Blumenthal) On 14 August 2006, the day the ceasefire was imposed ending Israel's war in Lebanon against Hizbollah, and just days after police in London arrested a group of people in connection with an alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners, President Bush strode to the podium at the state department to describe global conflict in neater and tidier terms than any convoluted conspiracy theory.

Almost in one breath he explained that events "from Baghdad to Beirut", and Afghanistan, and London, are linked in "a broader struggle between freedom and terror"; that far-flung terrorism is "no coincidence", caused by "a lack of freedom" – "We saw the consequences on September the 11th, 2001" – and that all these emanations are being combatted by his administration's "forward strategy of freedom in the broader middle east", and that "that strategy has helped bring hope to millions."
"No Bush administration official has suffered more collateral damage from the Lebanon war than Rice. Her flights to and fro have exposed her as vacillating and reckless, fretful and compliant, opportunistic but myopic, and in every guise ineffective. She wound up as the cheerleader on the rubble."
"Afterward, as the Israelis tore at one another, Bush proclaimed victory, following his Iraq public-relations formula. While his phrases might be a tonic to his political base, the rest of the world, especially now the Israelis, receive it as the empty rhetoric it is. The more Bush declares success when there is failure, the more US credibility is tattered."
"The week before, while the Lebanon war was still raging, Bush invited Reuters correspondent Steve Holland to join him on an hour-and-a-half bicycle ride in 100-degree heat........ "Bush does not ride quietly, constantly shouting out in his Texas twang the names of trees and geographic features and yelling at himself to pedal faster", Holland wrote. As Bush rode up a hill, leading an entourage of sweating secret-service agents and the reporter, he shouted to no one in particular: "Air assault!""
(The guy has clearly 'lost it')

Read More: Link

Israel plays the blame game again: Israeli military puts responsibility for incident on U.N. force

So far as anyone knows it was an Israeli pilot on an Israeli mission, under Israeli orders (not UN personnel) that drops the bombs and missiles that and every other night.

Yet, through the twisted logic of Israel's statements we see them keen to shift blame for their murderous campaigns. As usual the Zionists try to blame the UN and everyone else for killing civilains in Lebanon just like they do in Palestine.

(Washingtom Post) Darkness had descended on the Bekaa Valley when the long convoy of cars snaked up a gentle slope toward Kefraya. In better times, the little town was celebrated for its wine. But to the Lebanese fleeing the war that night, it was a way station on the road to safety.

Or so they thought.

A dry boom rang out without warning shortly before 10 p.m., and the second car in the convoy exploded in flames, witnesses recounted. In the blackness, no one understood at first. People alighted from their cars to see what was the matter. The buzz of an Israeli drone was heard overhead -- some recalled hearing two drones -- and the awful realization settled over the travelers that they were under attack.

"half-dozen missiles had been fired and seven people were killed, including a retreating Lebanese soldier, a Red Cross volunteer and five other civilians, and 36 people had been wounded"


"The Israeli military issued a statement early the next morning saying the column was attacked because of suspicions -- which the military later acknowledged were baseless -- that the cars were smuggling arms for Hezbollah fighters. In the same statement, the military said it had received a request for safe passage for the convoy from the United Nations but that it had been turned down."


Read More: Link

Hizbollah's reconstruction of Lebanon is winning the loyalty of disaffected Shia

True to their word (as always) Hizbullah are solidifying their already strong support base in the relief and reconstruction efforts in Lebanon...

Robert Fisk: Hizbollah has trumped both the UN army and the Lebanese government by pouring hundreds of millions of dollars - most of it almost certainly from Iran - into the wreckage of southern Lebanon and Beirut's destroyed southern suburbs. Its massive new reconstruction effort - free of charge to all those Lebanese whose homes were destroyed or damaged in Israel's ferocious five-week assault on the country - has won the loyalty of even the most disaffected members of the Shia community in Lebanon.

Hizbollah has made it clear that it has no intention of disarming under the UN Security Council's 1701 ceasefire resolution and yesterday afternoon, Major-General Alain Pellegrini, the commander of the UN Interim Force in southern Lebanon - which the Americans and British are relying upon to seize the guerrilla army's weapons - personally confirmed to me at his headquarters in Naqoura that "the Israelis can't ask us to disarm Hizbollah". Describing the ceasefire as "very fragile" and "very dangerous", he stated that disarming Hizbollah "is not written in the mandate".

Read More: Link

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Qana 1996 and 2006: The Israeli & US Massacres

Like some hideous sequel to the 1996 massacre of over 100 civilians in Qana, Isreal (and the US) conduct another mass killing of civilians in Qana in 2006.
The victims will never be forgotten, not will those who ordered these murders!

The hypocrisy of American diplomacy

"Israel has the right to exist, but the Hezbollah and Hamas do not. Israel has the right to arm itself with nuclear weapons, but Iran, Syria and all other Arab nations in the Middle East do not. This is the position of the U.S. government today.

But the 20th-century question of Israel's right to exist became an argument when the efforts were put forth to establish it in the face of enormous opposition. The U.S. government was at the forefront of those efforts...."

A very interesting read although it does repeat what many on the Arab World have been sayign for years, could this be the message (and truth) finally beginning to sink in? Read More for some interesting and realistic perspectives on the hisroty of US policy: Link

7 Facts You Might Not Know about the Iraq War

08/22/06 "TomDispatch" -- -- With a tenuous cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon holding, the ever-hotter war in Iraq is once again creeping back onto newspaper front pages and towards the top of the evening news. Before being fully immersed in daily reports of bomb blasts, sectarian violence, and casualties, however, it might be worth considering some of the just-under-the-radar-screen realities of the situation in that country. Here, then, is a little guide to understanding what is likely to be a flood of new Iraqi developments -- a few enduring, but seldom commented upon, patterns central to the dynamics of the Iraq war, as well as to the fate of the American occupation and Iraqi society.

Read The Facts: Link

Door to Bush’s mind locked tight

For a moment there, I was almost encouraged. George W. Bush, the most resolutely incurious and inflexible of presidents, was reported last week to have been surprised at seeing Iraqi citizens — who ought to be grateful beneficiaries of the American occupation, I mean “liberation” — demonstrating in support of Hezbollah and against Israel.

Surprise would be a start, since it would mean the Decider was admitting novel facts to his settled base of knowledge and reacting to them. Alas, it seems the door to the presidential mind is still locked tight. “I don’t remember being surprised,” he said at his news conference yesterday. “I’m not sure what they mean by that.”

I’m guessing “they” might mean that when you try to impose your simplistic, black-and-white template on a kaleidoscopic world, and you end up setting the Middle East on fire, either you’re surprised or you’re not paying attention. But that’s just me. As for George Bush, what on earth is on his mind?

Read More: Link

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

British Government 'aided Israeli terrorism', human rights group tells court

The government was accused in court today of knowingly assisting "acts of terrorism" by Israel in its campaign against Hizbullah in southern Lebanon.

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) claimed in the high court in London that the UK was guilty of "aiding and abetting" breaches of international law by allowing US aircraft carrying bombs to Israel to stop over at UK airports.

It sought permission to bring injunction proceedings against the civil aviation authority, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Des Browne, the defence secretary, to stop "grave and serious violations" of international humanitarian law and crimes against the Geneva conventions.

Read More: Link

US Administration Suffers from Groupthink

Groupthink is a concept that was identified by Irving Janis9 that refers to faulty decision-making in a group. Groups experiencing groupthink do not consider all alternatives and they desire unanimity at the expense of quality decisions. Learn more about groupthink and then complete the interactive exercise at the end of the discussion.

Conditions - Groupthink occurs when groups are highly cohesive and when they are under considerable pressure to make a quality decision.

Negative outcomes - Some negative outcomes of groupthink include:
  • Examining few alternatives
  • Not being critical of each other's ideas
  • Not examining early alternatives
  • Not seeking expert opinion
  • Being highly selective in gathering information
  • Not having contingency plans

Symptoms - Some symptoms of groupthink are:

  • Having an illusion of invulnerability
  • Rationalizing poor decisions
  • Believing in the group's morality
  • Sharing stereotypes which guide the decision
  • Exercising direct pressure on others
  • Not expressing your true feelings
  • Maintaining an illusion of unanimity
  • Using mindguards to protect the group from negative information

Solutions - Some solutions include:
  • Using a policy-forming group which reports to the larger group (see impartial below)
  • Having leaders remain impartial
  • Using different policy groups for different tasks (see impartial above)
  • Dividing into groups and then discuss differences (see impartial above)
  • Discussing within sub-groups and then report back (see impartial above)
  • Using outside experts (see impartial above)
  • Using a Devil's advocate to question all the group's ideas (see impartial above)
  • Holding a "second-chance meeting" to offer one last opportunity to choose another course of action (see impartial above)

If only the clowns in Washington had the sense to look for a 'solution'.

Losing Streak

To add insult to injury, and that is the perception amongst those bombed in Lebanon!, the US has announed an aid package for Lebanon. I am sure many would agree that the aid package needed was a ceasefire that the US could have forced in the early days if it wanted to but, having lost face in Afghanistan and Iraq (and still losing) they needed a win (Lebanon/ Hizbullah) via Isreal they allowed the killing to continue.

Now, in the backdrop of a loss for Israel and Hizbullah's swift move (as always) to assist the people we now see a too little too late approach for the US throwing money at the problem, which is about all their Groupthink mindset will allow.

Keep your filthy money Bush! You own people need it more than we do!

The front page that said it all!

The front page that said it all!

Israel Frees Grocer: Vegitarians says no carrots were harmed during kidnapping...

Israel Frees Grocer Hassan Nasrallah - (AP)--Hassan Nasrallah was briefly in Israel's hands, along with three members of his family and a neighbor. Unfortunately, he was the local green grocer - not the head of Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrilla group.

Israel had snatched the four Nasrallahs and their neighbor on Aug. 1 in a commando raid in the Hezbollah stronghold of Baalbek in northeastern Lebanon, apparently believing he was related to Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and could be used to pressure the guerrilla leader, said Leah Tzemel, the Israeli attorney who obtained their release on Monday.

"He (the grocer) was brought here and interrogated and very quickly they understood that they were taken for no reason," Tzemel said. "Then they (the Israeli authorities) just put them in jail and held them."

(As usual) The Israeli military had no immediate comment.

Read More on Israel's lack of intellgence (not just the military kind!): Link

Monday, August 21, 2006

Israel releases five Lebanese prisoners

All yes, Israel's aclaimed raid into the Bekaa Valley early in the conflict. They attacked an empty hospital, well done! They also claimed to have captured a number of high-profile Hizbullah members, funny how they release now so easily! As was siad at the time, these were just local civilians and KIDNAPPING is the correct term as opposed to taking occupation soldiers which is commonly termed capturing!!!

Report: Israel Monday released five Lebanese men who were kidnapped by Israeli troops during a commando operation in eastern Lebanon on August 2, Lebanese army sources said.
According to the sources the five were handed to the UN peacekeepers in Naqoura, and were then handed on to the Lebanese army.

Israeli Incursions Continue

As always Israel, the eternal victim, is on the prowl for blood!!!

Report: Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Al-Siniora has prepared an official protest against repeated Israeli incursions to be sent to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, a statement by Al-Siniora's office said Monday.In a related development, the Prime Minister spoke by telephone with Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja whose country currently holds the EU presidency.

Al-Siniora, who also spoke by phone with EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana, told both personalities about Israeli repeated land and air incursions into Lebanon in complete disregard of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.Israeli warplanes have continuously overflown Lebanese land since the UN resolution was passed on the 14th of this month.


Is anyone really surprised that Israel violated the cease-fire? Here, after all, is a nation that has defied the United Nations on 321 different occasions, refused to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and proudly proclaims its own lawlessness. Only a fool, or a masochist, would count on Tel Aviv to keep its agreements. Apart from that, however, this latest raid underscores the real objective of what the American media insists on calling the Israeli "incursion" (never "invasion") into Lebanon: it's all about Syria and Iran.

Read More: Link

Living in a Dream World

Only the most rabid of Zionist lunatics can truly see any logic in this statement from the Failure's (Olmert) Office:

"PM Olmert's office staffer says Israel's raid in Lebanon yesterday was not a violation of the ceasefire, but rather the required response to Hizbullah's ongoing violations of the ceasefire."

And what would those violations be? Have the UN reported any? No! But of course the now very old and tired excuse that the UN is biased against Israel (on what planet?) will be used again I am sure......

Although Israel seemed to have a lack of intelligence before the war they must now know that Hizbullah do not need resupply so their claims are again baseless! And why would they deploy a small unity of ground troops to do what their airpower can easily achieve if indeed it was a resupply they were targetting? Again a total lack of logic (and truth)!

Read More: Link

Watch out Kofi and France.....

You have to read this rubbish just to beleive that anyone would actually write it.... It's so ridiculous it's not even funny, watch our Kofi (and France), the "Boo Hoo Crew" that cry "anti-semitism" like diarrhea after some bad food are obviously building momentum to try to descredit you all.....

What is amazing is that the writer of this latest rubbish is a so-called security professional! Well if this is the kind of persons the US entrusts security too it is no wonder they are in the mess that they are right now!

Here is just one excerpt:

"Behind the scenes there are also concerns over the French role in peacekeeping at the Lebanon-Israel border. Many observers believe the French are anti-Semitic and will favor the radical Muslims including the terrorists groups Hezbollah and Hamas."

There just aren't words to describe how stupid that it!!!!!

Read More: Link

Israeli Aggressive Action Continues

Israeli warplanes Monday violated Lebanese airspace while land forces barricaded and fortified posts along the Blue Line separating Israeli and Lebanese territory, a Lebanese security source said.The source said reconnaissance planes hovered over the midsection frequently while warplanes flew over Bint Jbeil area.The source also indicated Israeli forces have fortified posts in Aita El-Shaeb and near Al-Naqourah.UN Secretary General Kofi Annan had yesterday warned the situation between Israel and Lebanon is "fragile" and urged all parties to do all necessary to guarantee halt of fire and forging of a truce.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Criminals 'Investigate' Themselves

[Dear Sheep, we have investigated your claims that we (the Wolves) have been actively killing and eating you over the past few years. Our investigation has not found any evidence to support your claims, therefore we are innocent. Case closed!]

Israeli PM to Appoint Panel to Investigate Recent Lebanon Fighting

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday he would appoint a panel to review the performance of the government and army during the recent fighting in Lebanon, officials said.
Critics have accused the army and government of overseeing a messy war with an unclear outcome and wavering when key decisions needed to be made.

"Olmert announced the inquiry at his Cabinet's weekly meeting, but did not clarify what authorities the panel would have, officials said."

Read More: (Remember this is a Fox News Story, large pinch of salt required!) Link

A land reduced to rubble

Robert Fisk: A series of profound explosions from the south of Beirut; the Israelis "jostling the rubble" of the suburbs, as we now say, although who knows how many corpses lie in this pit? An Israeli calls me from Los Angeles. She thinks she has discovered a reason why the Lebanese Red Cross may have been targeted by the Israeli air force. "I will send you a fax proving that they are helping the Hizbollah," she says.

I await the fax, which turns out to be a New York Times report from southern Lebanon, recording how the Red Cross gave medical assistance to wounded members of the Hizbollah. I call Rachel back. The Lebanese Red Cross helped wounded American marines after they were suicide-bombed in Beirut in 1983, I tell her, and they gave help - and were criticised for it by their Lebanese neighbours - to wounded Israelis after a suicide bombing in Tyre the following year. Isn't it the duty of all Red Cross teams to help all those who are suffering? "Perhaps, but they should have detained the Hizbollah," comes the voice from Los Angeles. What? The Red Cross is now supposed to imprison Israel's enemies?

Read More: Link

Caution: Extremists at Work

Another raving lunatic in Israel opens his mouth! They must be queueing up down there....
How they have forgetten that they were born from terrorists themselves, not national resistance fighters but real terrorists!

Shas Chairman: Issue Ultimatum to Lebanon
11:40 Aug 20, '06 / 26 Av 5766

( Shas party Chairman and Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai said Sunday that Israel should issue an ultimatum to Lebanon over its apparent reluctance to act against Hizbullah terrorists.

Yishai said that Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora is directly responsible for the activities of Hizbullah in the country, and that Israel should issue an ultimatum: either stop Hizbullah from breaking the ceasefire agreement, or Israel will destroy the Lebanese infrastructure. (a blanant call for war crimes to be the continued policy of Israel!)

He added that as long as the terror organization continues its attempts to smuggle arms in from Syria and Iran, Israel has the right to act against it.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Israel's Blood Thirst Continues

Israel look to stir the pot, have they not losty enough? What next? Hizbullah kicks their ass a bit more, or Israel just looks more like the bloodthirsty criminals that they are as this is unlikely to be the last of their failed escapades to cause trouble.

Lebanon Min: Will Halt Army If UN Won't Act On Israel Raid

Lebanon's defense minister threatened Saturday to halt the Lebanese army's deployment in south Lebanon if the U.N. doesn't intervene after an Israeli commando raid near Baalbek.

Defense Minister Elias Murr said Israel's raid in the eastern Bekaa Valley early Saturday was a violation of a U.N.-imposed cease-fire that ended fighting between Israel and Hezbollah.

"If there are no clear answers forthcoming on this issue, I might be forced to recommend to the Cabinet early next week the halt of the army deployment in the south," he told reporters after a meeting with U.N. representatives.

Murr said the Israeli operation deep inside Lebanon could spark retaliation, which in turn could lead to Israeli reprisals. He suggested Israel might be trying to provoke a response, so it could have an excuse to attack the Lebanese army.

Read More: Link

Meanwhile.... As a Reward for Democracy...

This is what awaits states in the Arab world that comply with US demands for reform!

The US asked for elections, HAMAS was elected (get used to it!), probably in a clearer election that the US has had for the previous two elections... and now.... Israel as usual stokes trouble and then the "boo hoo", "we're the victims" rhetoric starts when it comes back to slap them in the face!

Israel seizes deputy Palestinian PM in West Bank - Israel seized Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Naser Al Shaer, a top official of the Hamas militant group, at his home in the occupied West Bank on Saturday.

Read More: Link


This is a call I hope will ne heard. All of you in the Arab community have a responsibility to spread the word of what is really happening in the Arab world to those whose media and governments opporess what they see and hear through censorship and politics.

They actually think that they are the free, but how little they know.

I say "you in the Arab community" because the aggression of Israel and their supporters affects all of you whether you are Muslim (of any sect), Christian (of any sect) or a real Jew (not the astray Zionist type).

These conflicts have been spun by the west into a web of lies and deceit to fulfil the aim of a few at the expense of many.

Do not go to them with lies and nice words simply because you feel that is what they want to hear. They will never respect you.

Do not go to them with one word on your tongue and another in your heart. They will never hear you.

Tell the truth.

Do not divide the community. They sow division to weaken you. They incite you to fight eachother so that you cannot fight them while all along them continue their plans against you.

They divide your attention to make you lose the point. Do not let them.

Look to your core values and regain what is lost.

Speak the truth. Open the eyes and ears of others and you will regain what was lost!

All the more reason to maintain Hizbullah's arms

Israel have again shown it is in no way headful of UN Security Resolutions but, hypocritically (along with Big Bro US) calls for Lebanon and Hizbullah to adhere to a resolution calling for Hizbullah to disarm.

Why should they disarm? They are a national resistance movement. Anyone, anyone show me one act of terror from Hizbullah in the last decade, please, show me!

Yes they have attacked Israeli cities, only in response to Israeli attacks, yes they attacked Israeli troops, those are occupation troops and a legal target for resistance under international law.

So come on all you wise guys out there, justify this for me! Well, at least try to but please don't let us hear the usual round of state dept blurb that regularly spouts from the bathrooms of Washington!

Now we see Israel break the ceasefire with operations deep inside Lebanon, completely outside the latest UN Resolution, attacking Lebanon. So tell me, why should Hizbullah disarm?

Israel Raid: Update [2]

IDF officer killed, 2 others hurt in Lebanon operation. So now the truth comes out..... as it always does....

You see your people are afraid of death. Why? Because they live filthy lives that neither the Torah, Bible or Quran approves.

You see Hizbullah rejoice in death. Why? Because they live by truth, defend their homeland and leave this life clean, ready for what comes before them.

Israel Raid: Update

Brave Israeli commandoes in their second raid in Baalbek during this latest conflict have raided a school to follow-up on their viliant efforts made attacking an empty hospital two weeks ago...

Well done Isreal......

We can only hope that the litle boys they sent collected some suitable books to educate themselves before teacher (Hizbullah) came and forced them to retreat!

What a brave bunch these Israeli commandoes are.

Maybe next week we will see them attack a grocers shop (they might be hungry), or maybe an empty newspaper stand (to find out what the rest of the world thinks of them)... who knows.....



1. If I like it, it is mine
2. If it's in my hand, it's mine
3. If I can take it from you, it's mine
4. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine
5. If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way
6. If I'm doing or building something, all the pieces are mine
7. If it looks just like mine, it's mine
8. If I think it's mine, it's mine
9. If it's yours and I steal it, it's mine
10. If ....

Oops, sorry! I've been reading Israeli Foreign Policy documents!

Never mind....
Have a nice day!

Hezbollah says it foiled Israeli commando raid in Lebanon

Israel once again prove that they are nothing but trouble makers in the Arab World carrying out offensive operations and strikes in the east if Lebanon despite a ceasefire agreed last week....

(you will note we don't use the term Middle East here because that is an incorrect although widely used term used to eliminate any sense of Arab identity from the region and allow Israel to think it is part of the region)
  1. Few reports are coming out on this one but can imagine the uproar internationally if this was a Hizbullah raid! The trouble is that we are ruled by hypocrites, controlled by selective media and fed bullshit on a regular basis to pacify our own resistance.....

So what do we conclude from this latest aggresion?

  • Olmert and his ragged army are looking to regain some credibility, but again has failed!
  • The war is not over.
  • Israel do not want the war to be over.
  • Israel is the main instigator of violence in the region.
  • Israel has proven, once again, that it has no respect for the UN or UN Security Council (UNSC), despite relying heavily in the UNSC for it's very survival and not being branded as a terror state (although it should be!!).

Report - Hezbollah said its guerrillas clashed with an Israeli commando force early Saturday that landed near their stronghold of Baalbek deep inside Lebanon.

Lebanese security officials could not confirm a report on Hezbollah TV that Israeli commandos were dropped off by helicopter at a field west of Baalbek or whether there were any airstrikes.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to release information to reporters, reported heavy Israeli overflights.

Read More: Link

Friday, August 18, 2006

Israelis complain to Moscow about Hezbollah missiles

Israel it to complain to Moscow about Russian built anti-tank missiles used by Hizbullah, do you think that Israel will also complain to Washington about the US build TOW (anti-tank)missiles that Hizbullah have? I doubt it! So what is their point? As usual they don't have one but need to be seen to blame someone!

Read More: Link

Israeli lies, the truth comes clearer...

Although Israel claimed not to have used cluster bombs, depsite numerous witness accounts, a new warning has been issued to refugees returning to the south of Lebanon...

Experts from the United Nations have identified 10 places where Israel used cluster bombs in its air strikes on southern Lebanon and fear there could be many more, a human rights group said on Thursday.

At least 16 people have been killed or wounded by munitions which exploded long after they were fired, and the casualty figure could rise, U.S.-based Human Rights Watch said, citing U.N. de-mining teams in southern Lebanon.

"They have been able to visit only a limited region so far, and fear that the 10 sites identified in the first two days could be the tip of the iceberg," the group said.It urged Israel to tell the United Nations exactly where it used cluster bombs during its 34-day conflict with Hizbollah guerrillas. A U.N.-backed truce took effect this week.

Read More: Link

Bush remains Delusional

It seems George but has not been reading the same reports we all have been. Maybe it is just intelligence failure! The question is, is it his failing intelligence or the national security kind?

(AP) President Bush acknowledged Friday that it could take time for the people of Lebanon and the world to view the war between Israel and Hezbollah as a loss for the militant group.

Read More (but I warn you it does not make much sense!) : Link

US learns from Israel: Probe suggests Marines hid Haditha evidence: NYT

The old saying goes "birds of a feather flock together", seems the US and Israeli military have more than just weapons in common!!!

(Reuters) - "A Pentagon investigation into the deaths of two dozen Iraqi civilians in Haditha has found possible concealment or destruction of evidence by U.S. Marines involved in the case, The New York Times reported on Friday.

Two Defense Department officials briefed on the investigation said the unit's logbook had been tampered with and an incriminating video taken by an aerial drone was not given to investigators until a top-ranking commander in Iraq intervened, the newspaper reported."

Sound familiar? (Gaza, Jenin, Qana ('96 & '06) ... etc etc), Read More: Link

Chinese envoy tells U.S. to 'shut up'

This one is a little 'off-subject' but I am sure we can all appreciate that some one out there has finally told the US to "shut up".

Read More: Link

Hizbullah fighter recalls pitched battles with invading forces

Camouflaged in a dense tree, Adam orders his comrades through a wireless set to stay on the alert as he observes Israeli tanks withdrawing from Lebanese territory.

One of thousands of Hizbullah fighters who took part in battles against Israeli forces during the war, Adam is from the Bint Jbeil-area village of Aitaroun, where fierce battles took place and where the prints of tanks destroyed by resistance missiles remain visible. Virtually every part of the area bears witness to the destructive battles that took place there.

Read More: Link

FOX Military Guest Hypes War with Iran

Yesterday morning [8-17-06] Lt. Col. Ralph Peters appeared on FOX & Friends to give his assessment of the recent cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon. The gung-ho ultra-conservative military advisor and author delivered his take on the recent hostilities. In the Colonel's world, all is black-and-white and one doesn't negotiate with bloodthirsty heathens.

At one point Peters departed from the usual script on Hezbollah and Israel and opined that Israel lost the last war. However, he made up for it by dredging up the standard neocon line that Iranians are a bunch of mad dogs with whom we cannot negotiate. Many pundits, including The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh, believe that the attack on Lebanon was a dress rehearsal for a similar assault on Iran. Hersh pointed out in a recent article that his sources told him that the Bush administration knew this past spring about what Israel planned to do.

This comes as no surprise to me. USAID established an active presence in Lebanon beginning in 2002. Hundreds of projects were funded each year.

In 2005 the U. S. Embassy website in Beirut published 260 press releases outlining the various projects paid for with American dollars.

Abruptly, in January of 2006, there were no press releases, and in February and March, there was a total of 13. And after that, nothing.

As I pointed out in an earlier post, the timing of this is curious and lends credence to Hersh's contention that the Bush administration was privy to the Lebanon attack months before they actually occurred.

Read More: Link

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Deviod of Reality Israel turns to Hollywood for Support

[In case your policies don't work in the real world you can always count on Hollywood.......]

Hollywood stars get behind Israel Irish SunThursday 17th August, 2006

Israel is busy this week in the aftermath of the Lebanon war, wooing Americans to its cause.The Jewish state has Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni doing the rounds in Washington.

On the west coast the Consulate General in Los Angeles has been hard at work recuiting support from Hollywood movie stars.

Read More: Link

When will they ever change?

It seems Lebanese unity has once again been forgetten by the politicians. Last week they were full of praise for Hizbullah, seems now they can do nothing but queue up at press conferences to criticise them.

What's up? You can't claim any of the glory so you want a new fight or are these your latest orders from Washington and Tel Aviv? To those outside it certainly looks that way!

You politicians, have some respect for yourselves. You are in power to REPRESENT THE PEOPLE so do that! You all seem power hungry, remnants of the last civil war, but why divide your country again just for your own gain, ego and ambition?

Is it really worth it? Does it work? No!

Oh yes, you were all united to remove Syria but look at you all fighting the each other the very next day! Why? Self interest, that's why!

You have done nothing for your country, you brought in allies that allowed your country to be bombed for 34 days, your 'unity' is only as deep as your wallets.

Isn't it time you all grew up and actually led your people as you should? Isn't it time you worked for unity instead of your childish ways of twisting words and truth. The same old goats still seem to sow the same old seeds of internal hatred just to gain power. When will they ever change?

Take a lesson from Hizbullah. Speak the truth, be straight and you will gain respect, stay are you are and remain the joke that you are internationally!

To the Prime Minister we say, get a grip of them all from all sides. They are degrading your power and the respect you gained throughout this conflict. You hands may have been tied in some ways but you still acted as a statesman (politician) from beginning to end.

Pirates and false flags: Deception by British and Israeli intelligence in London and Lebanon

Paul J. Balles highlights the alleged London terror plot and the Israeli attack on Lebanon as two possible false flag operations: one to divert attention from the slaughter in Lebanon and the other a premeditated attack carried out under a false pretext.

Sitting in London or New York, the news that Gaza lost 151 souls, most of them civilians, last month to Israeli bombs and bullets passes us by. It is after all just a number, even if a high one. At best, a number like that from a place we don't know, suffered by a people whose names we can't pronounce, makes us pause, even sigh with regret. But it cannot move us to anger. - Jonathan Cook

Read More: Link

Murder from beginning to end

UN agency blasts Israel's 'absurd' killing of employee

BEIRUT (AFP) - The United Nations agency that looks after Palestinian refugees on Tuesday condemned Israel's "absurd and tragic" killing of one of its employees in southern Lebanon minutes before a ceasefire came into effect on Monday.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency said an Israeli air strike on the Ein el-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp 80 minutes before Monday's 0500 GMT ceasefire killed employee Abdel Saghir, 48, married with three children.

"UNRWA strongly condemns the death of Mr Saghir ... the fact that he was killed when hostilities were going to end makes his death particularly absurd and tragic," it said in a statement.

It said one of the missiles fired targeted a Palestinian faction in the camp, Lebanon's largest and home to 47,000 Palestinians who fled or were forced from their homes when Israel was created in 1948 and their descendants. "There can be no justification for firing two missiles into a densely populated refugee camp whose inhabitants had not taken part in the conflict," said UNRWA's chief in Lebanon Richard Cook.

The Ein el-Helweh camp was hit three times in Israel's month-long assault on Lebanese Shiite movement Hizbollah in which more than 1,150 people were killed in Lebanon. Two people were killed when Israel shelled the camp on August 9.

Israeli air raids in a previous attack on Lebanon in 1987 killed 46 people in the same camp.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

425, 1559, 1701

Dates in History? No.

Just a few of the resolutions from the UN on this decades old conflict. Selective memory in the US and Israel only seems to remeber 1559 that calls for the lidicrous and completely unmanageable task of disarming Hizbullah. Israel claim that 1559 would have stopped the problem, what rubbish!

The root cause, as good old George W refers to it in total ignorance, is the occupation and military posturing of the Israeli's. They are war criminals, courts have proven it, they are murderers, the media has witnessed it, they are stupid, their endless lies prove it.

If it were not for Hizbullah what would these bloodthirsty war criminals do to Lebanon and everyone else that they seem as untamed to their expansionist plans?

They need conflict to survive, they are a failed state of the worst kind and a failed people throughout history.

Where has she been?

Israel's Foreign Minister, the odd woman that she is , stated tonight that "Israel was attacked in an unprovoked attack, "Israel only attacked Hizbullah targets", "Hizbullah is weakened now", "we decided now to attack Lebanon as a country" ............

What planet has she been on for the last month?

It Ain't Over

What didn't happen:

1- Israel did not win the war that it launched against Lebanon and Hezbollah;

2- The Lebanese did not fall into Israel' s trap, and therefore did not turn against Hezbollah as a result of Israel's massive bombardment of Lebanon's infrastructure and mass killing of its civilian population;

3- Hezbollah did not lose the war that Israel launched against it and Lebanon, nor was its fighting capability daunted or significantly reduced by a full month of massive Israeli aerial bombardment; indeed, Hezbollah continued to launch missiles from within the very areas that Israel said it had occupied, cleaned-up, or mopped-up; did so from behind Israel's advanced lines; attacked Israeli forces from behind; and forced Tsahal to beat a retreat from a town that the Israeli army had tried to occupy.

What did happen: .............

Read More: Link

Behind the Lies of Bush and Blair - It's Left to Bashar al-Assad to Tell the Truth

In the sparse Baathist drawing rooms of Damascus, reality often seems a long way away. But it was a sign of the times that President Bashar al-Assad was able to bring the great and the good of Damascus to their feet by the simple token of telling the truth--which no other Arab leader has chosen to do these past five weeks: that the Lebanese Hizbollah guerrilla army has, in effect, won this round of their war with Israel.

""This is a [American] administration that adopts the principle of pre-emptive war that is absolutely contradictory to the principle of peace," he said. "Consequently, we don't accept peace soon or in the foreseeable future.""
"Israel's "victory" in Lebanon presumably has to be added to our own famous "victories" in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Read More: Link

Hezbollah Fighters Better Trained, Equipped Than Chechens — Russian-born Israeli Soldiers

"Reservists were angered when Northern Command chief Maj. Gen. Udi Adam termed Hezbollah a terrorist group.“They are professionals,” a soldier who returned from Lebanon said. “They have new weapons. There have been no improvement in our tanks in 10 years. Their mission is clear — to hurt us. And they can do this very well. Don’t say they are not soldiers. They are soldiers.” "
Read More: Link

OH NO, not more 'anti semitism'

Never do they let an opportunity to play the 'victim' pass them by! Seems that anything remotely negative about Israel nowadays is anti-semetic! How sad. When will these people ever grow up?

If they weren't a bunch of murdering immoral cowards afraid of confronting their own inadequacies (that they cover up with through their own brutal behaviour and rantings anti-semitism) no one would complain about them... but will they? Never.

Some day, probably a day quite soon, the story of the 'Boy who cried Wolf' may just come true for Israel....

"The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, an anti-Semitism awareness group, on Wednesday slammed Sweden's plans to host an international aid conference for Lebanon as "discriminatory", saying the meeting should also address the needs of Israeli victims of the conflict.
The conference has been called to coordinate humanitarian assistance and immediate reconstruction of war-torn Lebanon, and will be organised in collaboration with the Lebanese government and the United Nations, according to the Swedish foreign ministry."

Read More: Link

The 'State within a State': Hizbullah

Those that can access media from the Arab World should keep a close watch on the actions of Hizbullah over the coming months as they move swiftly to redevelop areas bombed by Israel and provide support to the affected population.

It is without doubt that they were perform to their word! They have already started the clear up process and announced financial compensation to the affected allowing them to rent accommodation for one year until the rebuild can be done. The plan to redevelop southern Beirut is complete, ready to be initiated.

Fo those that criticise this "state within a state", as they so stupidly refer to it, there will be much to learn. I have no doubt that Hizbullah will make the US effort following Hurricane Katrina look ever more like the total failure that has been, and still is.

They will continue to provide health care across the country, something the US can't even do for it's own people. They will reconstitute schools and make sure education continues despite the problems being faced becuase they are true to their word, true to their people.

True to their word and true to their people, that's why western politicians can't deal with them! They simply don't know how to!

Read More (and if in the west you don't feel embarrassed by the efforts of your government at times of crises compared to the work being done now by Hizbulah for the people in Lebanon you should probably open your eyes and read it again): Link

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Winner and Losers

Isreal hangs it's head in shame.
It's army humiliated and government on the verge of collapse.

Lebanon is battered, bruised, virtually destroyed.
It's people stand with pride and honour.
Life is back on the streets of Lebanon.

Now you tell me, who are the winners and the losers!

Dear John Bolton

Dear John Bolton,

In one of your usually biased statements as US Ambassador to the UN you made some rediculous remark about how to conduct a ceasefire with terrorists....

Well, if you can take a moment to remove the swastika from your eyes and look at Lebanon you will see exactly how it is done.

It's simple. First you beat them, and then you send what is left of them back home to Israel!

Fisk: Desert of trapped corpses testifies to Israel's failure

They made a desert and called it peace. Srifa - or what was once the village of Srifa - is a place of pancaked homes, blasted walls, rubble, starving cats and trapped corpses. But it is also a place of victory for the Hizbollah, whose fighters walked amid the destruction yesterday with the air of conquering heroes. So who is to blame for this desert? The Shia militia which provoked this war - or the Israeli air force and army which has laid waste to southern Lebanon and killed so many of its people?

There was no doubt what the village mukhtar thought. As three Hizbollah men - one wounded in the arm, the other carrying two ammunition clips and a two-way radio - passed us amid the piles of broken concrete, Hussein Kamel el-Din yelled to them: "Hallo, heroes!" Then he turned to me. "You know why they are angry? Because God didn't give them the opportunity of dying."

You have to be down here with the Hizbollah amid this terrifying destruction - way south of the Litani river, in the territory from which Israel once vowed to expel them - to realise the nature of the past month of war and of its enormous political significance to the Middle East. Israel's mighty army has already retreated from the neighbouring village of Ghandoutiya after losing 40 men in just over 36 hours of fighting. It has not even managed to penetrate the smashed town of Khiam where the Hizbollah were celebrating yesterday afternoon. In Srifa, I stood with Hizbollah men looking at the empty roads to the south and could see all the way to Israel and the settlement of Mizgav Am on the other side of the frontier. This is not the way the war was supposed to have ended for Israel.

Read More: Link

In the rubble of Beirut, Shiite shock and anger

Four hours after the cease-fire with Israel started Monday morning, Dr. Abdel Munaim Mansour stood staring in disbelief at the mountainous hash of rubble that was once the apartment building where his family lived.

"We will kill every American for this!" Mansour shouted, his voice cracking with rage. "Every Shiite Muslim will kill Americans! We will grind them under our shoes!"

Read More: Link

US 'knew of Israel bombing plan'

The BBC stating the obvious once again!

Israel and the United States were in close contact about Israel's war on Hezbollah long before it began, a US investigative journalist has claimed.

Although collusion between the US and Israel was first announced by Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah (citing their own intelligence) during one of his first statements shortly after Israel began their bombing campaign it was rubbished by the west. Now it appears that they are finally taking notice.

"Israeli officials visited Washington to secure US support for its plans before Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers on 12 July"
"Israel began with [Vice-President Dick] Cheney. It wanted to be sure that it had his support and the support of ... the National Security Council"
"With Mr Cheney's backing secured, "persuading [President] Bush was never a problem, and [Secretary of State] Condi Rice was on board"

Read More: Link

Misguided Christian Group put US at Risk

Christians United for Israel: New Christian Zionism Lobby Hopes to Rival AIPAC

In March of this year, a study on the role of the Israel lobby in US foreign policy caused an uproar in the academic community and in the media. The paper's authors, Professor Stephen Walt of Harvard University and John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, argued the pro-Israel lobby has unduly influenced the United States to set aside its own security in order to advance the interests of Israel. The study emphasized the activities of the pro-Israel lobby group the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC.

Well, there's another side of the pro-Israel lobby that's drawing increasing attention -- and some say its far more influential. A new group was recently established called Christians United for Israel - CUFI. They're an evangelical organization that believes supporting expansionist policies of the Israeli government is: "a biblical imperative." In a new article for The Nation, journalist Max Blumenthal reports group members have held several meetings with White House officials to talk about US policy in the Middle East. They've apparently lobbied the administration to adopt a confrontational posture toward Iran, refuse aid to the Palestinians and give Israel a free hand in its attack on Lebanon.

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Lebanese army not to disarm Hezbollah: defense minister

I have no dount that some ill-informed idiot will respond to this claiming the Lebanese are leaving terrorists to roam around armed, threat to Isreal, killing civilians, bla bla bla..... heard it all before!

The feat remains that Hizbullah are the only credible defence Lebanon has against Israel as the army, regardless of what the US says, are ill-equipped, poorly trained and, as we saw with them all stuck in their barracks.

How long would the Lebanese army have lasted in the same conflict? 33 days? More like 33 hours!!!

So, what nation state would ever give up their only real line of defence against a neighbour that has proven itself to be completely untrustworthy, immoral in all senses and a war monger!

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The Bush Speach


"I believe... uh , I beleive uh um, bla bla bla self defence bla bla"
"I believe... uh , I beleive uh um, bla bla bla Hizbullah bla bla"
"I believe... uh , self defence bla bla bla"
"I believe... uh , I do believe Isreal won bla bla bla"
"I believe... uh , I beleive uh um, bla bla bla self defence bla bla bla"
"I believe... uh , I beleive uh um, bla bla bla demoracy bla bla bla"


"I believe... uh , I beleive uh um, bla bla bla self defence bla bla"
"I believe... uh , I beleive uh um, bla bla bla Hizbullah bla bla"
"I believe... uh , self defence bla bla bla"
"I believe... uh , I do believe Isreal won bla bla bla"
"I believe... uh , I beleive uh um, bla bla bla self defence bla bla"
"I believe... uh , I beleive uh um, bla bla bla demoracy bla bla bla"

(it is just me or is there a recurring pattern here?)

Monday, August 14, 2006

‘Israel always gets crazier at the end of a war’

His hand gripped his mother’s tightly and his skull was crushed. That’s how Lebanese rescue workers discovered 12-year-old Zein al-Abidine Zein yesterday following an Israeli raid on the southern port city of Tyre that partially destroyed the apartment in which Zein’s family lived.

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Robert Fisk: As the 6am ceasefire takes effect... the real war begins

The real war in Lebanon begins today. The world may believe - and Israel may believe - that the UN ceasefire due to come into effect at 6am today will mark the beginning of the end of the latest dirty war in Lebanon after up to 1,000 Lebanese civilians and more than 30 Israeli civilians have been killed. But the reality is quite different and will suffer no such self-delusion: the Israeli army, reeling under the Hizbollah's onslaught of the past 24 hours, is now facing the harshest guerrilla war in its history. And it is a war they may well lose.

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Robert Fisk: One of the most balanced writers on the Middle East, doesn't mind throwing blame in the right direction or an all sides regardless of politics.

Olmert due to face Israeli parliament

[But, if as they (Israel) say, they won, why is Olmert "fighting for political survival"?]

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, facing a backlash over his handling of the Lebanon war, is set to address parliament to begin a fight for political survival hours after a UN-brokered truce took effect.

He is expected to speak at a Knesset special session, set to convene at 1300 GMT (2300 AEST), to explain his government's acceptance of a UN Security Council resolution for a ceasefire between Israel and Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas that began earlier in the day.

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"I am the Israeli" By Edna Yaghi

I Am the Israeli

I am the focus of Palestinian fury
I caused the Palestinian Diaspora and the exile
I refuse to provide Palestinian travel documents
And I deny the owners of the land I stole
Rightful possession of an ID card.

I imprison Palestinians without trial
I beat and torture themI fear their anger, but envy their freedom
For I am a slave of my passions.
Though I am their jailer
They enjoy more liberty than me,
For their minds are free
From the oppression I inflict on their bodies.

I am the one who detains Palestinians
Without their consent, in the absence
Of a trial by law.

I am the Israeli soldier
Shooting live bullets
Into the hearts of my enemies.

Though I kill their children
Demolish their houses,
And deport them,
I envy their valiance, their spirit,
Their resilience against my brutality.

I perpetrated the massacres at Deir Yassin,
Sabra and Shatella,
Tel el-Za'terAl-Aqsa and El-Haram El-Ibrahami,
Yet, they rise out of their own ashes
Like the Phoenix bird and carry forward
Their banners of courage
Through their blood-stained streets.

I am the Zionist officer
Slapping young Palestinian men across their faces
I humiliate them at every crossroad,
Every bypass, and every checkpoint
But no matter how hard I try,
I cannot take their identity away from them,
Yet my own identity
Slowly slips away into oblivion.

The incessant memory returning,
The Palestinian of 48
The Palestinian of 67
The Palestinian of 98
And the latest model of 2001,
Haunt me.

I am the Occupier
And the haunting insomnia is mine alone.
I am the reason for the Intifada.

My armor bears the brunt of five hundred thousand
Rocks hurled at meI quickly retaliate by shooting to kill
The Gentile children,
The infant Palestinian Davids.

I hear the Palestinian Dabkeh
The wedding bells of newlyweds
And I envy my enemies their
Moments of silent dignified joy.

I am the cause of the endless funeral processions
Of the Lion's sons, Palestinian Shibels.
I am Pontius Pilate and Herod in one,
Palestinian blood drips from my hands
Its indelible red remains stamped
Upon my memory forever.

I am Judas and every day is The Last Supper
For those I lead to the slaughter.
I am the Israeli fearing God's wrath
And the reincarnation of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I am the new Hitler
Out to slay the innocent
All the while, losing my own humanity.
I dwell in a state of perpetual denial of my own hideous crimes
And refuse to recognize my savagery, my own brutality.

I am the Israeli settler dancing around
The dying young Palestinian I dragged
Through the streets,
I passed out candy
And mutilated his body
Even before his heart stopped beating,
But I sold my soul to the devil in the process.

I am the cause of the Palestinian Holocaust.
I have rewritten history so many times, I no longer know the truth,
And I have hung so many heroes that I have lost count.

And though I feign superiority
Over all non-Jews,
I am not proud of what I am
Or what I've done.
I am the Israeli.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A pre-emptive strike against Rome

Israel, keen not to come back under the control of the Roman Empire conducted a pre-emptive strike on an evacuted Roman Temple in Lebanon. Although Israel continues to claim it is acting in self-defence a local source with detailed knowledge of the Roman Forces reported that Roman troops had left the area some time ago!

So as to ensure that everyone understood that Israel was responsible for the attack they also killed a child of 10 years in one of their trade mark bombardments of this area of the country.

It would therefore appear the Israel's sense of humanity is unlikley to be restored anytime soon!!!

(Daily Star) Israeli air raids in Baalbek killed one child and caused damage to the ancient Roman Temple of Bacchus on Saturday, the town mayor said. Israeli fighter-bombers carried out two raids on Saturday morning in the old town square near the centuries-old Baalbek temple complex, killing a 10 year-old boy and wounding three people, police said.

Two buildings were completely destroyed in the raids.

The bombardment caused cracks in the Temple of Bacchus, weakening the structures of the Roman creation which had withstood several earthquakes, Mayor Mohsen al-Jamal told AFP.

Several stones fell inside the temple complex, which is a UNESCO-protected world heritage site, he added.

The raids also destroyed the old market, where a two-year renovation project financed by the United Nations had just been completed.

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